DDF Exclusive "Bindass" Is Soon Rebranding As "Star Utsav 2"

Expect the Announcement soon after the DD FD E-Auction Results.
There is e-auction tomorrow and the result will come in 4-5 days. Then everything will become milk of milk and water of water.
Is it Bindass or UTV Bindaas ?
Star bought utv network in 2012. And bindass is part of utv network. Now, bindass is part of star. And this is only bindass not utv bindass. You can see in the logo, there is no utv branding.
Actually the best thing would have to convert into a HD Music channel like MTV beats but guess they don't want to as already told they want RoI and so the axe. The best thing was to put Bindass as a FTA and put on DD freedish like Viacom did with MTV Beats. That would have given them eyeballs but sadly they are going the GEC route with one more music channel ready to good as gone.
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