Breaking News: Reliance Digital TV to offer 250 HD like quality channels


31 Mar 2011
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Well finally something will come out from my source although it's not full information but something is better than nothing! Here we go:

Reliance Digital TV will provide India’s 1st path breaking consumer experience with 250 HD like quality channel on Reliance Digital TV HD STB.

Those channels are upscaled ones to give more better picture quality without charging extra! So I welcome this step as HD users will get excellent picture quality now and effectively SD users too! Keep following DH forum for all latest updates on this updates!

This updates done by hard work to DH Forum.

Also see the attachment pic-
:friend: First thanks buddy for breaking news.
I was pulling my hair for past couple of days to know about what actually is coming on relliance digital TV.

SO its HD like channels not Full HD :D

Out STB is capable of upscaling the SD to HD. Whats the big deal in it. Upscale channels will consume more bandwidth for nothing.

Crap policy by relliance again ...:wallnalsirmarna:
But good thing is that the thread starter has given credit to the original news owner.
:bowdownsmiley: @admin

No problem members.

All off topic useless posts deleted.

Thanks to anil for this image and now image added in first post with watermark of dreamdth:up:
Anybuddy please post 250 Relliance HD channels pic asap....:waiting:

Btw our tatasky+HD box already upscaling the SD signal to 1080i
My LCD shows 1920x1080 @50Hz via HDMI. :buddys_by_graveyardwatcher:
Reliance Big TV converts all 250 channels into HD, also ends LCD picture stretching

yes , Soon 250 HD like channels on Hd dvr announce on rdtv face book community,

Hd like Not Asli Hd :wallnalsirmarna:
K tiwari said:
Reliance Big TV converts all 250 channels into HD, also ends LCD picture stretching

picture stretching will definitely be there ....:wallnalsirmarna:
Otherwise some portion from top & buttom will be compromised for sure....:smiles:
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