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24 Apr 2011
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i have cooked up my 2 different conex cas7 providers using this made china hardware ...

How this Device Work ?

The Working story is here:

For the first time i got device , i have been instructed to attach this device to your conex box via Rs232 port ( the card must be inside box ).

Turn on the device first , then turn on your original box .. the device start blinking red LED while the box also start green led blinking ... it was actually the device dumped some info / keys from the box .. the transfer process end within 35-40 seconds... the blinking stoped and device gave green led indicating the transfer is finished.

After the transfer done , turn off device and box , And take the card from box and insert into device slot .. turn on the device and connect a client card to give connections to other 16 FTA boxes .. like Echolink , star strack , neosat etc.

the device read the card and split into 16X connections ... the client card is readable via GBOX SSPP and can also be read by Dreambox using OSCAM/NEWCS.

The Device need to connect to box once on month , mostly on dated 2 or 3 of the month to upload new keys from box to device ...

this device has been tested on two different conex providers ... its plug and play no programing need .. it has been developed by china , have NO NAME !

it comes with 2 different version client cards , the one connect on rs232 port and the one which is like smart card and can be insert into recivers.

Capable of cooking any cas7 provider , the provider box must have rs232 port.

guys tell me one thing , how to interface between device and provider box ? there are 3 wires 2-3 , 3-2 and 5-5 rs232 pin connected .. how to see the transfer data between box and device ?
please send to me :p, i will check here
information about price ?
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RE: conax cas7

I like how that work. Would it do the same for any receiver? I yes you should PM me as soon as possible. I need one. thank you
RE: conax cas7

dont bump old threads :no
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