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3 Nov 2010
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Dishtv Presents Cam that Working in D2h and tatasky Stb For viewing fta channels With breakfree cinema,

it is now Available in market ? any member Buy and use it ?
oh i too want to buy it to watch fta in tata sky...someone please tell is it available now?
so tata sky and d2h r complying with trai rules an have active cam slots. good, thats what i like,honesty
but what about adtv and rdtv guys?.....are they not giving this cam slots in boxes or what?
cam available only old model box but rdtv stb frimware not promiss to scan other satellite tp
After searching for this cam everywhere I decided to write to dish-tv
so here is my mail to dish-tv cc

Dear Sir,
I would like to buy this device, Where is it available in Kerala?
None of your dealers have any idea where I can get one, Please help

Well a reply comes very fast cc indeed

Thank you for writing to dishtv.
Regret the inconvenience caused and apologizes for the problem faced
by you. We would like to inform you that Dish Freedom Card facility is not
available in Kerala state. Please feel free to write to us in case you need any further
assistance. We value your association and assure you of our commitment to serve
you with a smile.

Customer service

Well I decide I will get one from somewhere else, maybe through my brother or somebody, I have a few stbs with CI slots lying around, if Dish-tv provided a way to use them good

My reply to dish-tv
Dear Sir,

Well fine it is not available in Kerala ?
But this must be available somewhere, Can you tell me if this is
available in any place in India ?
Since this is on your website for so long, You must be selling it
somewhere at least

Thanks for prompt reply

Well another fun reply from Dish-tv cc

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

Thank you for writing to DISHTV.

We would like to inform you that if you want detail information on
Freedom Card then visit the below mention link:
Moreover for Freedom card kindly contact to your nearest dealer and to
know about your nearest dealer kindly visit the below mention link:
In case of any concerns please write to us or call us, we would be glad
to be of assistance.
We value your association and assure you of our commitment to serve you
with a smile.


Customer service

Good one, What a joke, If they dont want to sell it, Why advertise on their webpage, It looks like they are just inerested in making some headlines so they get some cheap advertising
Thanks @Quickboy for sharing the email sent to you to dish tv and their reply.... sometimes its a waste of time to expect any prompt reply from customer care... :huh
Absolutely True Result After your mail ! :-/
Dish Tv Advertise Dish Freedom But Don't Selling in Market,we can say it Dish tv Ready To Sell Cam Slot For using Other Dth Operators Stb In future,Trai identified that there were some problems in the implementation of technical interoperability of DTH STBs And We Can't use Any cam Or Tune other Channels Till technical interoperability Start On Dth.Wait Till Dth Portability Start in Dth Like Mobile Number Portability :huh
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