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Eurosport needs to quit Sports broadcasting


23 Aug 2018
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There is literature zero respects for viewers. It is such a dumb channel. I woke up at 5 am to watch a wrestling pay per view. Not to have some dumb broadcaster interrupt matches with upcoming golf matches. Wrestling is storytelling. Imagine watching a live thriller movie at a theatre and as soon as plot is about to reveal they show ads and totally skip the part. I get advertisement revenue is needed to run TV channels. Placement could be better. But showing your own upcoming sports matches is stupid. There was a time a basketball match started airing out of nowhere.

Than there is issue with the repeats. Sony owns WWE rights. They make sure Pay Per Views gets atleast 3 repeats a day to make the most out of it where as Eurosport makes us wait until 9 pm where matches ends at 1 am. Who would watch that?
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