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At first try to respect someone.When you are wrong accept your mistake dont insult others.
At least dont teach me how to respect.. you are talking rubbish by citing internet dependent 4k content in tata sky 4k forum.. future of 4k in this forum automatically means future of 4k tv channels.. thats a implied thing.. If we have to discuss whole 4k why it is not started in general forum?? You did the mistake by mixing general forum and tata sky 4k forum. It is your mistake but no you dont even understand it. Now you are teaching me how to respect you. Comeon man rise up.. Dont argue so badly that others should laugh at you.. It is not a playground that you have to win or loss..
I myself have a 4K set top box and so far I haven't even watched 1 4k channel on it. Such a colossal waste of money and epic failure. At least this set top box boots faster from powered off state. :p

I am wondering what future does 4K in DTH hold? With onslaught of Jio FTTH and IPTV services as well as OTT apps like Netflix and Amazon, can Tata Sky compete with that?

I think today all hd channels are running in huge loss and no trp too.

I think 4k is doubtful.

What your views
If u watch 4k content present in India u choose only OTT (like amazon prime. Netflix etc) only. Didn't expect in dth sectors in near future.. For 4k channels.
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