Got a new Tata Sky + Transfer Connection - Details

4 Jun 2014
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Hi Guys,

As I wanted to get a DVR which works with a single wire, I decided to ditch my ADTV HD DVR and get a TS HD DVR.

Last Thursday, I placed an order of TS website for a Transfer box.

I got a call within 20 mins and asked them to come in the evening for installation. They came on time and installed it in 30 mins. They setup the WiFi and told me how to get stuff from VOD.

We also tested the Transfer feature which worked as expected but programs from Star channels are not available. These are not listed as excluded channels on TS website so I need to find out from them why these aren't available.

Everything was done pretty quickly and the overall experience was good.

Here are the pictures of the STB:

I noticed that the word 'Transfer' was added on the STB and the box as an afterthought. Some digging on one side of the box revealed that the product was going to be named "2GO". That would have been a better name but I guess the features they offer are very limited at the moment so they decided to rename it ""Transfer".

I setup the universal remote myself as the installation guy was not able to make it work. The two page manual for the remote was very helpful. But ADTV's remote is better. TS has a dumb "Univ" button i need to press before I can turn my TV on and off or change input. Thankfully, no need to do that for the volume buttons.

I have a screencast of Transfer working on my phone. Will upload that as well soon.

Adding three screenshots of the interface:

Is the EPG same as previous HD+ STB? Also if you find any new option in the UI or settings, please share it. Thanks.
Bro i also purchased tata(sky+ transfer on 19th of this month installation done but technician does not know how to pair universal remote can u help me how u paired it on ur own im using sony 43inch 4k tv please bro i beg u.
I dont have home theatre only led tv so can u suggest me which sound mode is best for normal led tv in tata(sky:pCM,dolby digital or dolby digital+.
vijaysekar said:
Thank u 4k bro can u tell me which sound mode is best ?

DD &DD+ sound
Without Home theater not works :k
DD 5.1 theater
DD+ 7.1 theater
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