Seeking Help I'm planning to upgrade to Tata Play Binge+ STB from HD STB


9 Jun 2018
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Hi everyone, actually I'm planning to upgrade to Tata Play Binge+ STB from my HD STB, could you guys please help me clear out two questions that I have on the topic.

First is whether I can use Disney+ hotstar without the Binge subscription or not.

Second is whether discovery+ is available on binge plus or can it be side loaded by any means?
1. We can use Disney plus hotstar without Binge subscription.

2. Yeah we can download through Google Play Store
Don't buy binge box for old people. If you need linear tv. Get normal set top box. What's the point of investing in laggy expensive hardware when you need an active DTH plan to run it?

It's like paying ₹153 as rent if you don't use set top box but need smart features like free YouTube, paid Netflix, etc.
well said...Instead buy firestick and tataplay hd box...when want to watch ott, can switch easily to firestick with no rental..and if smart tv is already there no need of firestick itself just tataplay hd box is fine
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