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DDF Exclusive Kasthuri TV and Kasthuri News has been revamped with a new logo


17 Oct 2017
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Kasthuri TV logo has been changed now.


26 Jan 2016
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Tips for Success
1. 16:9 ratio or full screen

2. Don't / never put Teleslot 15 / 30 min Namma homiyopathi and other nonsense Shopping advertisements

2. Atleast 15 minutes movie scenes before adds comes every time

3. More Dubbed films and buy some kannada Unsold films... Telecast atleast 2 premiers on 2 sundays in a month.

4. Singing reality shows on weekends (singing shows better than dancing)

5. Improve picture quality of old films that you have like appu abhi Gaja & telecast these films only on Sunday prime time with atleast 2 months gap evey time

Lastly because of Hevy advertisements people rejected your channels... So limit on it.. Every time before break telecast atleast 15 minutes movie run time...don't delay All the best .



2 Feb 2020
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Tips for channel success..

🔸Reduced ads break, removing all teleshopping ads and max 3hrs movie time.

🔸Revamp launch event with good promotion to grab attention (not like nikhil ellidiyappa) and should avoid direct involvement of family.

🔸 All programs should not launch on the same day.. It should be 3- 4 weeks to occupy full slots.

🔸 💯% working tricks: Should telecast serials in 2 prime slots at the beginning for atleast 2 weeks.. This is to make sure people watch it in preferred time as it's optional serial for viewers as they are addicted to other channel serial. Once people start getting addicted to these serials, they can bring new shows to other unfilled slot. By this most viewers will get merged to single slot. With these 2 weeks, they can promote well on upcoming shows. An example timeslot is shown below:

5pm/5:30pm- aa rathri (1hr / 30 mins)
6pm - Surya Puthra Karna
7pm - Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
7:30pm - beyhadh
8pm - Surya Puthra Karna (center of attraction 🧲later can reduce to 30 mins after 2-3 months)
9pm - Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (Mahabharata Arjuna hero, should be immediate slot of Surya putra karna)
9:30pm - beyhadh
10pm - aa rathri (1hr / 30mins)

🔸 Should bring Rekha Aduge youtuber to the cooking show in the afternoon. This will get all her followers to watching the channel. She has huge followers for her cooking recipes, rather than some good looking no cooking anchors.

🔸 After 3-4 weeks should come up with original programs for unfilled slots

🔸 Should stop repeating same movies frequently and upscale all movies to 18:9 ratio.

🔸 Bring atleast one reality show on weekends with movie premiere (original n dubbed) with minimal repeating.

🔸 Should aquire new movies rights and dubbing rights of Sony movies.

🔸 Back in 2 mins and presentation should change.

🔸 They can charge Rs. 4/- after having these good changes
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