Lisa Ray to host Travel and Living Channel show


22 Mar 2011
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Indian-Canadian actress Lisa Ray, who overcame cancer, is set to make a comeback on the small screen with Travel and Living Channel's new series on Indian jewellery "Oh My Gold!".

She says her role on the show is of a detective who unwinds hidden cultural facts about India.

Lisa will travel to Jaipur, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kochi and Chennai and explore the jewellery styles of these cities.

"In the show I play the role of a cultural detective - meaning I get all my natural curiosity answered by experts. I ask and know everything just like a detective about all cultural and traditional richness behind the age-old famous jewellery pieces and also the city," Lisa dressed in a black off-shoulder dress and decked up in gold jewellery told reporters here.

"Richness of jewellery is embedded in our DNA, in our psyche. I may not be an expert but I am surely a perfect host because I came with minimal knowledge about the show and through the journey, I have learnt quite a lot and I am sure the viewers will also gain ample knowledge from my show."

The 39-year-old feels the show came as a reward to her.

"The whole experience of 'OMG' has been a fulfilling one. When I got the opportunity to be part of this I just couldn't say no. I had got the offer just after six months (of cancer therapy). It came as a blessing, as a reward to me and surely it has got along a lot of excitement and fun back to my life," she said.

The show is slated to go on air July 11.
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