Seeking Help My Tata Sky STB is not working


9 Aug 2011
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I am in a big trouble with Tata sky now, my STB is not working, it was just before few days ago from lock down. CC was unable to give me a solution as mine is old technicolor HD STB with digicard, They told me they can replace my stb only if there any same time service stb available in my local area Tata sky technicians. Again I contacted, they told same type STB is not available and suggest me to buy a new one. In that case I wanted to know it can be possible with my old ID or not, they told I will have new ID, So I refused. Then I contacted my local dealer, he also told the same and added that this type of STB was stopped long back and he has nothing to do. I was hopeless after a several try I gave up. Now from few days ago I started to got calls from Tata sky just when my recharge due. I sang my problem, no solution. I want to upgrade with Binge+, told it will be charged 5999 for stb and remote only, if I continue with my existing ID, if I buy with new ID, they will provide all including dish, lnb, wire, adapter in same price, I am surprised, what kind of policy is that ? Why forcing to buy new connection ???
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