New semi Smat-STB software for HD-2222-RF


I have a stb 2244 box and firmware was recently upgraded and I see bluetooth connectivity and I have connected a BT Adapter and settop box has deducted the BT, but I'm not able to pair or connect to android smart app. tv doesn't search my phone or phone is not show bluetooth device when i search for active bluetooth device for pairing.

Thanks For you help.
How to use d2h smart remote app with dongle Bluetooth
First Search for BT through your phone settings option
when you find a device with id stb.d2h@xxxxxxx, connect it
when asked for passkey use 1234
when connected, Go to smart remote app, and enable BT option from the menu (Top Right, three Dots)
Now search for devices in smart app, a device name stb.d2h@xxxxxxx will be shown, touch next to it, you are connected to the stb.
i am also getting Table time out, any body able to overcome the problem.

I removed .sig and rename it , it did not worked ??

can anybody solved the problem ???
My hd 2244-rf stb received an OTA software update and the download ID is now 34 with the connectivity options added. However, I'm having trouble connecting my Nexus 5 smartphone using a blue-tooth adapter.

I'm able to pair the STB with my mobile normally but not from within the Smart remote App. Once the STB is listed and I click on it to connect, it just stays in there and says "connecting.." forever.

Am I missing something ?
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