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Good News Sweet Seven - Thank You DDF

ramesh skyPLAY

20 Feb 2013
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😃 I already dedicated a poem in Tamil for you bro. I remembered 2013. I like your Chennai slang, பர்ரா, கொடுத்த காசுக்கு மேல கூவுறான்யா.....God bless you, Bro. And you be with us till last movement 🙏🙏🙏


The Earth will be better without Us..
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6 May 2012
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Few DDF members write as eloquently as you, @mmadhankumar. You must become a newspaper columnist.

Actually @Bapun Raz bro promised to produce a TV show similar to "Comedy Nights with Kapil" for me. That sounds better plan to me.

  • Im not feeling Sleepy, but wants to more about you Bhai,
  • I seen your avatar remains same after my joining DDF, Go Green,
  • Why your using so small fronts for Disclaimer
  • You will, in course of time
  • Unfortunately only my avatar remains green. not our planet.
  • T&Cs, disclaimers always come in microscopic fonts.:lol:

Wow bro. Seeing your posts for the first time (apart from your welcome back into the team). You seem to have a good sense of humour 😉

Life will be boring without humor bro..

  • All people born in May are evil, that's final and you are evil too.:nj:
  • Don't you guys know the other name of sarcasm is Madhan!:wink2:

  • I thought legends are born in may and you were an exception.
  • is that a praise or irony??:huh:

Feeling Lovely & Positive Atmosphere in DDF from last week :love:

I came to DDF last week. Just saying.:dodgy2:

Congrats Madhan bro for 7 years. I too can write big long essays. Should I write one describing you ? Btw I am an English Teacher by profession.




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20 Jul 2014
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Angry on me or yourself :huh:
I began my journey here: Hi DDF | I am here
ROFL moments in this thread

Welcome back Madhan bro. Good to see you back
Bishnu Bro it's 5 year old thread
@Bishnu15 bro welcoming you back unaware of what's going on in the thread and @wewake bro politely letting him know that it's a 5 year old thread! And it's all because @Bapun Raz bro couldn't stop himself from bumping the thread for you :rofl2:
Good old days, wish to see you again Madhan bro.. Hope you will get leisure time again, soon.. :)

I came to DDF last week. Just saying.:dodgy2:
Very glad to have you back, and please don't make me write a good bye thread for you again:em: Oh, almost forgot, Congratulations for your yesterday's anniversary! Many more years to come :hs:
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