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Good News Sweet Seven - Thank You DDF

Sai Jai

5 Jan 2015
Reaction score
As of now just gave reaction to post #01 coz of drowsy 😔😔

Have to spend at least 30 mins quote part by part of each sentence in post #01 will spend for that tommorow morning on the way to my office :knife2::knife2::rofl2::rofl2:

#GetReady for one more longgggggggg essay 🤣🤣


Sai Jai

5 Jan 2015
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I still wonder why he would love such a dumb like me. :huh:
Not Only You Anna he like One more dump too Name is @Gobinaath 🤣🤣
Seven Sweet years in this lovely family
Last more than 1 year ur not with us so reduce those days 😠😠😤😤🤣🤣
i initially thought he should be evil. i still think the same that's a different story. :hehe:
How dare u call me my best best friend well wisher as Evil u real EVIL 😠😤🤣🤣
I should say, i was one of the fastest to become a team member in DDF. Here it is: https://dreamdth.com/community/threads/mmadhankumar-new-dream-smod.19521/
No not only @sumitroy too 😛😛
Ethalam Oru perumiya 🤣🤣😛😛
I am proud to say that i never ever created an account in any other dth forum in india after DDF.:hrt:
Me Too so what ?? Nothing to write just leave as empty space don't waste our time pls 😠😤🤣🤣😛😛
However, i got offers from literally every dth forum present at that time. Most of them offered team positions and some gave admin offers too.
I won't trust enaku kaathu kuthiyachu 🤣🤣 And polugu Aagasa poluku 🤣🤣😛😛
I never had a FTA setup, i never tracked any satellite, I am not a genius in DTH field. :no2:So, it was surprising to get so many offers. I gently refused those offers and stayed with this family. And I never regret that.
Again 😤😤 why ur telling lots of lie here ?? 🤔🤔 There is a lots of Newbie's here they will trust u just go by ur words they don't know abt urs unlike some members like me who knows very well you 😠😠🤣🤣👍👍
But I was blessed, i never had an enemy so far.
How dare u again I'm waiting with sharp butcher knife waiting from very long time :knife2: :knife2: 🤣🤣
I never abused/fought with anyone in this world. And viceversa
Again lie Everytime u abused one member @Gobinaath he's very innocent in front of u but u keep on abusive him 😤😤🤣🤣
I am still waiting with my butcher knife for an enemy. Searching........:knife2: @Gobinaath
the knife ur having in ur hand is mokka China piece .. the knife I'm having in my hand is come from "Make in India" want to try 🤔🤔🤣🤣
The previous tag of Gobi bro was just a typo.
I won't trust u again 😤😤🤣🤣
But i can surely say there are quite a few people who i can troll left, right and centre and they wouldn't take it serious. Found such good relationships here
ethalam Oru pozhapu 😤😤😠😠 sorry I forget that's ur full time pozhapu 🤣🤣
have to leave DDF and all other social sites due to time constraints in my life. From the day i left DDF, people have been consistently asking about my return
what u think on you as a District Collector ??🤣🤣😛😛 Everytime saying no time no time bla bla 🤣🤣😤😤
I was just escaping from them without giving proper response.
marumpadiyum poi 😠😠🤣🤣
After so much thought i decided to come back
what the hell ur done it 😤😤😠😠🤬🤬
was still wondering if i would be welcomed back and given same response as earlier. Infact i thought many would have forgotten me. But you guys proved me wrong. :kiss2:
I can't even ignore this part even for troll purpose too 😘😘😍😍👍👍
I take this opportunity to thank every member of this lovely family who has encouraged, reacted, guided, helped, loved me to the fullest. I am not going to mention any particular names because every drop counts.
hmmm ok ok thanks accepted 😠😠
Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you feel sleepy or crying after reading this post. I appreciate that you are reading this too.:rofl2:
Engalukum Disclaimer theriyum

Investment subject to market risk read all the papers carefully before investing 🤣🤣😛😛
Note: The actual anniversary was yesterday but i never had time
again acting like a DC 😠😠
yesterday to write such a useless post.:lol:
wah finally truth reveals 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️
You must become a newspaper columnist.
I won't forgive u for this mistake u don't want to run that apporiate media successful 😠😠🤣🤣
think @sumitroy got there very fast as well. But to go from a new member to SMOD in just four months...! :ouch: :clap2:
exactly he taking full credit 😠😠🤬🤬🤣🤣
Only our dear friend @Gobinaath writes two-page essays like this... :lol:
Thank You 😠😠 🤣🤣
P.S. Also our dear admin @Bapun Raz when making important forum software announcements.:tup:
he is the one turned my life indirectly beauty is still he himself don't know abt that how .. will reveal that once in right time 😘😘🙂🙂👍👍
Long live DDF, and @mmadhankumar bro. Congrats for 7 yrs. :kiss2:
I too am running my 7th year. :welcome: :nj:
ur the other who keep on pulling my leg frequently u both are arrived there is a one more Make in India Knife also waiting for u too :knife2::knife2::rofl2::rofl2:
I seen your avatar remains same after my joining DDF, Go Green,
Don't trust him just by avatar 😠😠 very dangerous person 🤣🤣
Even I am here for more than seven years. I was very much active in this forum once, promoted very fast to Co-Admin for some time. Due to my personal issues, I opted out from this for few years..
I remember u sir once I'm guest here in 2013 , 2014 🙂🙂 hope your will be part of DDF again 🙂🙂
All people born in May are evil, that's final and you are evil too.:nj:
Thank God I born in June thats why I'm Legend 😂😂😘😘
Don't you guys know the other name of sarcasm is Madhan!:wink2:
I know bro 😠😠
😃 I already dedicated a poem in Tamil for you bro. I remembered 2013. I like your Chennai slang, பர்ரா, கொடுத்த காசுக்கு மேல கூவுறான்யா.....God bless you, Bro. And you be with us till last movement 🙏🙏🙏
Annaaaaaaaah what u had done giving hint to him to troll me again with the same sentence again 😠😠🤣🤣
Congrats Madhan bro for 7 years. I too can write big long essays. Should I write one describing you ? Btw I am an English Teacher by profession.
I'm waiting too dada 🙂🙂
Unfortunately only my avatar remains green. not our planet.
there is still green are there open ur eyes and see acting like a saint 😠😠🤣🤣
Life will be boring without humor bro..
ethuvum Oru pozhapu 😂😂
I thought legends are born in may and you were an exception.
Again Saying Legend born in June 🤬🤬😠😠🤣🤣

Wasted my precious 30 mins 😠😠😂😂

Trolls Apart

Just for troll purpose wrote this post temporarily will edit & post real welcome post evening for my lovely Anna coz of reached office 😘😘👍👍


ramesh skyPLAY

20 Feb 2013
Reaction score
Sorry for write in Tamil.🙏
@Gobinaath Bro

அதிகாலை ,நின் சினம் கண்டு,
அதிர்ந்தேன் நான்....

அதற்கு பதில் பெற்ற பிறகு,
அடைந்தேன் ஆனந்தம் நான்...

நீ எடுப்பது, கத்தி அல்ல,
அன்பு எனும் கத்தி....
அறிவு எனும் கத்தி....

ஆண்டவன் , வாழ்வில் தருவான்...
வெற்றி... வெற்றி... வெற்றி.......

Plz.... don't scold me Bro 🙏😃😃😃😃
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