Tata Sky has changed FEC on few transponders

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29 May 2011
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Today Tata Sky has Changed FREQUENCY ERROR CODE of few transponders which are listed below

11170,H,30000 QPSK 7/8
11510,H,30000 QPSK 7/8
11550,H,30000 QPSK 7/8
11590,H,30000 QPSK 7/8
11630,H,30000 QPSK 7/8

Earlier FEC alloted was5/6

By enabling this FEC Tata Sky will get little space swhich it can use to improve picture quality of channels on these transponders or space can also be used to add few more channels but chances are bleek.

note- i don't have FTA receivers, i have got this news from another forum, courtsey of mr. vasudeva
When you change from rate 3/4 to rate 5/6 FEC you are reducing the amount of coding (i.e.before you have 1 coding bit for 3 data bits, now you have 1 coding bit for 5 data bits).

FEC:-forward error correction

You can search more in wikipedia.
5/6 = every 6th bit is a redundant bit.
For in total 24bits (6x4) of data there is actual 20 bits(5x4) of data and remaining 4bits (24-20) are redundant bits.

7/8 = every 8th bit is a redundant bit.
For in total 24bits (8x3) of data there is actual 21 bits(7x3) of data and remaining 3bits (24-21) are redundant bits.

So there is gain of 1bit (21-20) for every 24 bits of streaming data :c
Guys i have no more idea about it but i want to know two things.

1->By this can we get more space to add more SD and HD channels?

2->By this channel we can face any Picture Quality change?Meance bad picture quality?
Bapun Raz said:
1->By this can we get more space to add more SD and HD channels?
Gain of 1 bit per 24 bit means roughly a gain of 4%
Now suppose TS can have max 200 SD channels with 5/6, then now a gain of 8 SD channels (4% of 200 ) with 7/8 FEC :c
Oh cool.So in next SW Update we get changed FEC as 5/6 default.Current one is 3/4. ;)
yes space has been made to add espn hd and few other empty spots will be kept for future additions

thanks mystic, u explained it perfectly
May be they add ten hd too in coming days :tup
Dear ; all
my name is ganash Rao . my region in many indian generation .
we all see tatasky dth . my region have low signal . I see
with 6 feet dish . tatasky has change FEC 7/8 .
this code 11170 H 30000,11130 H 30000 and 11050 H 30000
are my region in don't see
please change your FEC is 1/2 or 3/4
please ...............................

my loving tatasky dth

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