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Tatasky will definitely add 8 HD channels between 31st Dec - 3rd Feb !! (1 Viewer)

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20 Jun 2014
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Guys, its really sad that without giving me any time you all wanted my thread to be closed, you demanded and it was closed also within 11 mins. of my post. Anyways, you want source of it from me, you can imagine by keeping yourself in my position that how can anyone produce any kind of source in such situation. However, I tried to tell you all as exactly as the conversation took place, and more over if I have to make you all believe on my false story then you all were already going to believe on it upto 10th Jan and after that I could have posted this one, but here was no such thing because here I was posting whenever I have talked him exactly, considering it a confidential news as mr. Siddharth, a senior officer at Tatasky corporate office, mumbai (any member of this forum in mumbai can easily check him in mumbai office), was telling me as he was dealing my case; but after my last post at my thread, ''Tatasky is going to add 8 HD channels between 31st Dec - 3rd Feb !!'' on 24-12-2014 at 06:25 PM :
(sayan.sunny Wrote : on 08-12-2014 at 07:43 PM)
Again time extended till mid
January, then it will be 26th
Jan Republic day, next 14th
Feb valentines day and so
(skm30 Wrote : on 21-12-2014 at 01:26 AM)
If this time-frame extends even
a single day from 10th Jan.,
then sky4us bro, you should
know that you are being fooled
by the said Mr. Siddhartha.
Guys, I don't know that whether
you both are right or Mr.
Siddharth is right; Just now Mr.
Siddharth has called me to tell
me that he was so sorry for his
unablibility to take up my calls
and for not calling me back even
after seeing my lots of missed
calls because he had no answers
to my queries, but right now he
had something to tell me, so he
called me.

Further, he told me that 'we are
trying hard to create space for
more channels addition but due
to technical problem the process
has been slowed down as while
creating space we have to see
that our picture quality and
sound quality should not
degrade that's why our technical
team is going slower and after
each change, they are watching
for a week and then move to
next change; but today I got a
update from our technical team
that we can launch some SD
channel between 30th Dec - 6th
Jan and regarding HD channels
they have only said this that we
can launch 8 HD channels
anytime between 31st Dec - 3rd
Feb, whenever we are ready with
the required space for its
launch, but anyhow we are
trying hard to launch it in the
January month only'.

So, this was the update guys for
which he called me and said
that now if I want to deactivate
my ID and want my remaining
amount of my annual mega HD
pack, can register a complain
and he will look in the matter
and try to refund my remaining
money back; and if I want to
wait till the given time for the
addition of more HD channels,
can wait; whatever you want to
decide its upto me, but he said
that one thing I can tell you
that this was the first official
update to me regarding such
addition of 8 HD channels from
our technical team, so you can
trust on it, rest is upto me,
thankyou for giving me your
valuable time, have a nice day',
then he disconnected the call.
Now, I am confussed that what
will happen actually regarding
it, I don't know. Now what I
shall do; shall I complain to get
my money refunded or shall I
trust on Mr. Siddharth's news
and wait for some more time; or
I have been really being fooled
by this Mr. Siddharth. Then the
same time, I think if he had to
fool me then he wouldn't be
calling me to tell these all
things, might be he would be
too honest and when he found
that what he said to me, didn't
happened in that time, so being
ashamed of it he thought to
share this update to me. So, the
news seems to be correct; and
already we are in the said time
frame, so let us wait till that
limit of this time frame and see
what happens !!
when you guys reacted very sharply,
(SarfaRaZ Wrote : on 24-12-2014 at 06:28 PM)
Again a new story & thread title
now changed ..so its better now
that Mods/Admins should close
this thread.
(gappa Wrote : on 24-12-2014 at 06:29 PM)
Better to close this never ending
story. If the news is true , obtain the channels details so to trust
aumnamonarayan Wrote : on 24-12-2014 at 06:36 PM)
Fake Story, Fake Thread with an
imaginary character Siddharth
who calls a s called person to
give updates. I am sure this
person is another one sent by
Tata Sky to fool people. Tata Sky
as been foolig all like this for 5
And after it, I found the thread closed. I also lost hope now, and called mr. Siddharth from another no. and when he picked the phone after intro I told him what he assured me, if HD channels not added before 31st Dec, he will help me in getting my money back on 1st Jan. He said, 'ok if you don't want to wait till 3rd Feb, you can register a complain for the same giving them the ref. no. of the earlier complaint and then I will do the needful but for the service used upto the days will be charged on the daily basis and you will lost so much money; I told him its ok as now, two times, after change in the dates of HD channels' launch by you, no one in my family, wants to believe on this anymore. He said, 'ok, leave it, however its now 100% confirmed that we will add 8 HD channels between 31st Dec - 3rd Feb, and I told you this only because I found you too desperate for HD channels, otherwise we are not supposed to leak out any internal information, anyways, just simply register a complain for it and rest I will look after'.

And one more thing 'aumnamonarayan' bro, mr. Siddharth is not an imaginary character, he really exists you can check him in mumbai office for your satisfaction. Its different matter that you don't want to believe on it, don't believe it, it doesn't make any difference to me, I found it to be true so I thought you all should also know it. Now, if you or moderators want this thread also to be closed, you can close it, I don't care. And I have talked to him, I know better how true he says. And this time as he responed, I am 200% comfirmed now that Tatasky will definitely add 8 HD channels between 31st Dec - 3rd Feb !!


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16 Jul 2013
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Hey why again you created a new thread :huh


2 Jan 2014
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pls close


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29 May 2011
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Mr. sky4us i even doubt u for a matter of fact. You may also be a person sent by Tata Sky to promote their products , protect their wrong doings and make people fool by giving fake deadlines. I have had Tata Sky since 2007 and since 2010 i have been hearing only fake deadlines which r promoted by people like u. New Satellite in 2012 - did not happen, MPEG4 Migration completed by July 2014 - did not happen, CEO fooled people saying that they r not getting GSAT10 Transponders but CAG exposed the truth which i have been telling much before that Tata Sky does not have intention to add new channels.

Tata Sky just wants to earn max by giving less channels and charge maximum. There are many ways by which Tata Sky could have increased bandwidth long ago but they don't want to do it purposefully. Enough of fooling people and acting helpless, the truth is out and they are exposed.

The only way a channel can be added on Tata Sky is when a channel fills Tat Sky pocket full of money and Tata Sky has the highest carriage fee charges among all DTH operators. So forget it, nothing will happen , already so many years have gone by hearing this kind of bullsh*t.


Dream Legend
7 Nov 2012
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Such stories not required on DDF :no
Pls consider dis as warning. :nj
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