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Discussion TV Channels graphics & logos

Akash J.B.

23 Oct 2018
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Friends I have created this thread to discuss about best logo & Graphics of indian television channel.

Please post here your favourite channel's graphics & logos.

As per me Sony Network is the best network which provides best quality graphics & Best logos of Star India!


4 Sep 2020
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Simpler the better, in my opinion. Compare the SJ 2008, SJ 2012, JM 2012 and SJ 2019 logos to see everything at once (as well as SJ HD 2016 and SJ HD 2019). I think the simple Jalsha wordmark without any cuts and notches looks the best.
See, the current wordmark is good only for the horizontal word over the bars, as it looks consistent and uniform. For the letter Ja in Jalsha, the curve looks so dull without any curve near its rear end, and it looks as if they tried to pixellize it.
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