Discussion What are your expectations from TV industry for 2023?

1. Serials which cater to male audience during primetime. Primetime should not be just for housewives. During primetime, husbands are also in the house. Some of the current serials should be moved to daytime.

2. Invest in good content. Finite serials should be produced which match cinema in script, acting and production values. This can drive more people to the OTT platform of the broadcaster.
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My two paise. Thanks to @iDJ bhai for creating this lovely thread.
1. The Zee and Sony merger should safely proceed without affecting the name and identity of most of the existing channels. &TV (both SD and HD) should be shut down or sold.
2. More Hindi movies on Sony Max (HD) and preferably a new Hindi movie channel (could be Sony Max 2 HD) from Sony, in HD if possible. As promised in the merger conditions, Zee Classic, Zee Action and Big Magic should be sold.
Star Movies is now in need for a complete revamp. Fed up of old star logo.
3. ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!! :angry2: At least Disney Star is finally trying to kill the Star World channels. And with that, some of the late-2000s Star logos should disappear. Bit what about Star Movies (Select), especially as an SD version is being launched for Star Movies Select? Their graphics have been totally unchanged for a decade or so. Star Movies (Select) must be rebranded on priority!
4. Also, Jalsha Movies should rebrand as well since it recently crossed its 10th anniversary. Star Jalsha did the same after its 10th anniversary.
5. Please reduce the prices of channels in packs or do something else to alleviate the rising cost of linear TV. Otherwise DDFD will continue to capture the lower half of the market and OTT the upper half.
6. More Sports18 channels on DTHs.
7. Assamese HD channels as iDJ bhai said, as well as Gujarati channels from more broadcasters, and HD channels in smaller languages. Star Kiran HD is coming as well.
My points:

1) Sun TV network should change their logo and should go for a complete revamp like Zee, according to the 30th anniversary of Sun TV on April 14. They must introduce good graphics package and logo.

2) Colors Tamil should do something to hold their position back. Not only changing graphics, they should change their programming style. Good concepts but not proper promotions. If possible they should relaunch the channel.

3) Zee Tamil should change their SD channel aspect ratio to 16:9. They should change their graphics like Zee Marathi or Punjabi with regional elements, as the channel is growing now.

4) Abp Nadu must launch as Satellite TV channel eventhough there are lot of news channels in Tamil.

5) Vijay takkar can telecast old shows of Star Vijay. It will help to the channel's growth.

6) If possible Sony Tamil should launch.

7) TV channels should concentrate in their channel prices.

Important one in above points is Sun TV revamp!
expecting Sports 18 Acquired many sports media Rights cost breakeven in within a year, then they should go for PCB/Zimbabwe and BCCI media Rights. else it's another Neo Sports and 1Sports.
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My expectations :
  1. Ending monopoly of DD in terrestrial network. This should be done as early as possible. Even TRAI had recommended it in its reports years ago. Moreover, the ex-Prasar Bharati chief Jawahar Sircar himself said that he is not against private players broadcasting on terrestrial networks. If required, an Independent Television Authority (Swadheen Television Pradhikaran) should be formed to regulate commercial broadcasting on terrestrial platforms.
  2. Total Revamp of DD. Not just cosmetic changes like logo change and graphics. But also in terms of programming. It should be brought at par with the current Private broadcasters. It should also launch its own streaming platform. All its old programme archives should be digitized and uploaded on that streaming platform. All the regional studios in DD Kendras should be modernized. The fiction band should be strengthened across all regional channels of DD as for the past few years, no fiction programming has seen the daylight on regional channels of DD. Recording equipment should also be modernized. Most channels now shoot their shows on Arri Alexa and Red Epic cameras. DD should also use these cameras to record their shows. And also, HD channels for all DD regional networks. It's high time this happens.
  3. Abolition/Stringent regulation of Private news Channels. This may not be digestible to some people and some will disagree with me over this issue. But seeing the current scenario, this stringent action needs to be taken against the errant news channels. If possible, the FDI in news broadcasting should be increased to facilitate the entry of foreign players like ITN, Reuters, and CBS so that our Indian news anchors and journalists be taught a lesson or two about how Journalism should be done on TV. Also, a credible news agency is required to replace ANI. ANI has lost its credibility due to certain instances of bad reporting in the recent past and needs to be replaced with a new independent news agency. And if this is not possible, abolish all private news channels. Let DD News be the sole news channel running in the country.
  4. Launch of Big network channels in Assam. Big networks such as Disney-Star, Culver Max (CME), and Viacom 18 should seriously think of launching their own channels in Assam to compete with players like Rengoni, Rang, Ramdhenu etc. They have established a monopoly over there which needs to be broken. Assam is the only state in North-East India, which has 5-6 locally owned Assamese GECs and is a prospective market for big players. I'm Not laying emphasis on the other Northeast states, because they're not that popular and they still rely on DD, which might change if the Swadheen TV Authority comes into existence, although it is a distant dream.
  5. Entry of Movie production studios in television broadcasting. In the past, we have seen a lot of news reports about reputed movie studios like YRF, Dharma Productions, and others wanting to enter into the broadcasting space. In fact, a piece of news went viral in 2002 (probably) that Yash Raj Films (YRF) was planning to launch its own television channel. But that plan was later shelved and YRF TV was turned into a timeshift channel on the Sony TV network. But now the scenario has completely changed, and the audience too needs to think beyond the big 4 channels (Star, Zee, Sony, and Colors) that are broadcast on TV. If these big movie production studios enter the world of TV broadcasting, there will be no doubt a steep rise in good-quality content on television instead of those monotonous Saas-Bahu melodramas and illogical supernatural shows that have regressively dominated Indian TV for the past few years. And this is not a joke.
So these are my expectations. And sorry for making it so lengthy and boring. And also sorry if I have hurt anybody's feelings.
Viacom18 will buy small film studios
I hope you're not referring to Studios Asylum or Production house of RGV, here india nobody interested selling movie production houses like Hollywood Studios. In India movies always oxygen for producers selling Satellite, Music, Digital, Theatrical or overseas all Rights for certain period. whereas Hollywood studios who always looking forward acquisition of All Rights with theatrical Distribution for long term, this business strategy hate by Indian Producers and Production houses.

still Viacom18/Reliance can go for acquiring Anil Ambani's Reliance entertainment before shutting down from huge losses.
Here are mine.

1. A western expansion of Sony Zee's network. It's high time Gujarat gets an alternative to Colors Gujarati. A fresh GEC is needed.
What about Disney Star? Do you know that Hotstar app has a Gujarati section?

And why Punjabi and Assamese are not included in your list? Punjab and Assam has had enough of PTC and Pride East (owners of Rang and Ramdhenu) networks' monopoly. The big 4 networks should consider entering these markets to break this monopoly of PTC Network and Pride East Network. Moreover these two regions are prospective markets.
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What about Disney Star? Do you know that Hotstar app has a Gujarati section?
And why Punjabi and Assamese are not included in your list? Punjab and Assam has had enough of PTC and Pride East (owners of Rang and Ramdhenu) networks' monopoly. The big 4 networks should consider entering these markets to break this monopoly of PTC Network and Pride East Network. Moreover these two regions are prospective markets.
Dunno about Punjab. You are wrong about Assam.
1. AM Television (Prag News and Rengoni)
2. Brahmaputra Television Pvt. Ltd. (DY 365 and Jonack)
3. Even NKTV group got an upcoming GEC.

Where do you see monopoly?
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