d2h active service Songdew TV is now chargeable

d2h active service Songdew TV is now chargeable

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d2h has last week changed the nature of its active service channel Songdew TV making it a paid service channel as opposed to earlier when it was available as a free to air channel for its customers to subscribe.

d2h active service Songdew TV is now chargeable

The DTH operator last Thursday started running a scroll on Songdew TV informing its customers about the change in the nature of the channel. On Sunday, the channel went paid with customers who haven’t subscribed it seeing a blank screen.

The active service channel is now priced at Rs 1 for the first month after which the channel will be chargeable at Rs 20 per month excluding GST. The EPG of the channel remains not updated with the new rate. The EPG still reads as “Songdew – Free”. A 10-minute free preview of the channel is available for d2h customers. The channel has a 30-day lock-in-policy according to d2h website.

Songdew TV is India’s first 24*7 Satellite TV channel for Independent Music. The channel launched last year and is available on d2h and Yupp TV. d2h also made a few other changes to the rates of 3 channels. Raj Musix Kannada and Vissa TV were changed to FTA channels with the new rates of Jaya channels being updated.

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