d2h and Dish TV ST-2 releases list of new channel numbers effective from 30 August

The new channel numbers in d2h now go all the way to 3200+ whereas they were confined to 3-digit LCNs earlier.

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DTH operator d2h, owned by the Essel Group that also owns Zee Entertainment Enterprises, has unveiled its list of new channel numbers on Friday (20 August). The big LCN change will take place on 30 August, the Monday after next. These LCNs will also be applicable to those subscribers of Dish TV, the Essel Group’s other DTH service, who have their satellite antennas tuned to the ST-2 satellite, which offers more South Indian channels than the NSS6 and SES8 satellites used by Dish TV for its non-South Indian customers.

d2h becomes the first Indian DTH operator to officially use channel numbers greater than 2000 for ordinary channels (though Tata Sky uses LCNs in the 20xx series for Internet-based channels such as Travelxp 4K HDR, and Dish TV NSS6/SES8 allocates channel numbers in the 2xxx and 40xx series for channels shared from DD Free Dish). Tata Sky and Dish TV NSS6/SES8 use channel numbers until 1999, while Airtel Digital TV and Sun Direct have only 3-digit channel numbers.

Also, HD channels are now placed immediately before the corresponding SD channels, like Tata Sky does. Previously, HD channels in d2h occupied channel numbers 900 to 997 and were arranged by genre, in a similar fashion as Sun Direct, where the HD channels start from LCN 800 onwards.

Note: LCN = Logical Channel Number.

Home Channels (LCN 90–99)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenre
10090Home Channel 1SDHome Channel
11791D2H PositiveSDHome Channel
53992d2h South InfoSDHome Channel
101593Home Channel 1SDHome Channel
9595Dish Buzz (Dish TV)SDHome Channel
89996Home Channel 1SDHome Channel
90097Home Channel 2SDHome Channel
89798Home HDHDHome Channel

Hindi General Entertainment Channels (LCN 100–183)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
902100Star Plus HDHDGEC HDHindi
101101Star PlusSDGECHindi
903102Zee TV HDHDGEC HDHindi
103103Zee TVSDGECHindi
908104&TV HDHDGEC HDHindi
904106Colors HDHDGEC HDHindi
905112Star Bharat HDHDGEC HDHindi
107113Star BharatSDGECHindi
906114Sony TV HDHDGEC HDHindi
109115Sony TVSDGECHindi
110116Dr. Shuddhi (1st LCN)SDLifestyle & ShoppingHindi
112121Big MagicSDGECHindi
911124Sony Sab HDHDGEC HDHindi
113125Sony SabSDGECHindi
131128Comedy ActiveSDComedyHindi
114133ABZY CoolSDGECHindi
116135Zee AnmolSDGECHindi
118137Ezmall.com (1st LCN)SDLifestyle & ShoppingHindi
121143Colors RishteySDGECHindi
136145Korean Drama ActiveSDGECHindi
123149Shemaroo TVSDGECHindi
124151Ishara TVSDGECHindi
125153The QSDGECHindi
130156Ayushman ActiveSDLifestyle & ShoppingHindi
204157Jyotish DuniyaSDReligiousHindi
132158Fitness ActiveSDLifestyle & ShoppingHindi
272162Dance ActiveSDMusicHindi
134164Thriller ActiveSDLifestyle & ShoppingHindi
156167Star UtsavSDGECHindi
159171Sony PalSDGECHindi
149175DD NationalSDGECHindi
151177DD RetroSDGECHindi
868179DD RajasthanSDGECHindi
889181DD UPSDGECHindi
896183DD MPSDGECHindi
Note: None of the new LCNs are in the 2xx series.

Hindi Movies (LCN 300–377)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
917300Zee Plex HD Screen 1HDMovies HDPay-Per-View
199301Zee Plex Screen 2SDMoviesPay-Per-View
200303Zee Plex Screen 1SDMoviesPay-Per-View
214306Rangmanch ActiveSDMoviesHindi
135307Shorts TV ActiveSDMoviesHindi
921310Sony Max HDHDMovies HDHindi
201311Sony MaxSDMoviesHindi
914312&pictures HDHDMovies HDHindi
915314Zee Cinema HDHDMovies HDHindi
203315Zee CinemaSDMoviesHindi
916316Star Gold HDHDMovies HDHindi
205317Star GoldSDMoviesHindi
206319ABZY MoviesSDMoviesHindi
207321UTV MoviesSDMoviesHindi
208324Dr. Shuddhi (2nd LCN)SDLifestyle & ShoppingHindi
209325NaaptolSDLifestyle & ShoppingHindi
210327B4U KadakSDMoviesHindi
211329UTV ActionSDMoviesHindi
213331Cine ActiveSDMoviesHindi
217333HITS ActiveSDMoviesHindi
218335Zee BollywoodSDMoviesHindi
219337Ezmall.com (2nd LCN)SDLifestyle & ShoppingHindi
221341Colors CineplexSDMoviesHindi
913344Movies Active HDHDMovies HDHindi
222345Movies ActiveSDMoviesHindi
225347Enterr 10 MoviesSDMoviesHindi
227351Star Gold 2SDMoviesHindi
228353Zee ActionSDMoviesHindi
229357B4U MoviesSDMoviesHindi
919360Star Gold Select HDHDMovies HDHindi
231361Star Gold SelectSDMoviesHindi
234363Star Utsav MoviesSDMoviesHindi
235364Ezmall.com (3rd LCN)SDLifestyle & ShoppingHindi
236367Box CinemaSDMoviesHindi
237369Zee Anmol CinemaSDMoviesHindi
239373Sony Max 2SDMoviesHindi
240375Sony WahSDMoviesHindi
215377Evergreen Classics ActiveSDMoviesHindi

Hindi Music (LCN 453–467)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
270451Music Active HitsSDMusicHindi
271453Music Active MasalaSDMusicHindi
275459B4U MusicSDMusicHindi
279463MTV BeatsSDMusicHindi
2824679X JalwaSDMusicHindi

English GEC (LCN 500–508)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
934500Star World HDHDGEC HDEnglish
179501Star WorldSDGECEnglish
935502Zee Café HDHDGEC HDEnglish
181503Zee CaféSDGECEnglish
936504Colors Infinity HDHDGEC HDEnglish
183505Colors InfinitySDGECEnglish
185507Comedy CentralSDGECEnglish
933508Star World Premiere HDHDGEC HDEnglish

English Movies (LCN 556–573)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
943556Star Movies HDHDMovies HDEnglish
241557Star MoviesSDMoviesEnglish
946558&flix HDHDMovies HDEnglish
944560Sony Pix HDHDMovies HDEnglish
243561Sony PixSDMoviesEnglish
249563Romedy NowSDMoviesEnglish
255567Movies NowSDMoviesEnglish
947569&privé HDHDMovies HDEnglish
948571MN+ HDHDMovies HDEnglish
949573Star Movies Select HDHDMovies HDEnglish

English Music (LCN 601)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage

Sports (LCN 620–665)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
925620Star Sports 1 HD HindiHDSports HDSports
407621Star Sports 1 HindiSDSportsSports
926622Sony Ten 3 HDHDSports HDSports
415623Sony Ten 3SDSportsSports
930624Star Sports Select 2 HDHDSports HDSports
430625Star Sports Select 2SDSportsSports
431627Star Sports FirstSDSportsSports
435629DD SportsSDSportsSports
923648Star Sports 1 HDHDSports HDSports
401649Star Sports 1SDSportsSports
924650Star Sports 2 HDHDSports HDSports
403651Star Sports 2SDSportsSports
932652Eurosport HDHDSports HDSports
927654Sony Ten 1 HDHDSports HDSports
411655Sony Ten 1SDSportsSports
931656Sony Ten 2 HDHDSports HDSports
413657Sony Ten 2SDSportsSports
928658Sony Six HDHDSports HDSports
423659Sony SixSDSportsSports
929660Star Sports Select 1 HDHDSports HDSports
429661Star Sports Select 1SDSportsSports
436665Star Sports 3SDSportsSports

Note: Sony Ten 4 is in the Tamil section (LCN 2953).

Hindi News (LCN 721–763)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
301721Zee HindustanSDNewsHindi
302723Zee NewsSDNewsHindi
303725Aaj TakSDNewsHindi
304727News NationSDNewsHindi
305729NDTV IndiaSDNewsHindi
306731News18 IndiaSDNewsHindi
307733TV9 BharatvarshSDNewsHindi
308735India NewsSDNewsHindi
309737Dr. Shuddhi (3rd LCN)SDLifestyle & ShoppingHindi
310739ABP NewsSDNewsHindi
311741Republic BharatSDNewsHindi
313743News 24SDNewsHindi
315747India TVSDNewsHindi
318749Ezmall.com (4th LCN)SDLifestyle & ShoppingHindi
322751Sudarshan NewsSDNewsHindi
328753DD NewsSDNewsHindi
329755Lok SabhaSDNewsHindi
330757Rajya SabhaSDNewsHindi
395759DD IndiaSDNewsHindi
335761JK 24×7 NewsSDNewsHindi
790763Gulistan NewsSDNewsHindi

Urdu (LCN 777–789)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
787777Zee SalaamSDNewsUrdu
788779DD UrduSDNewsUrdu
789781News18 UrduSDNewsUrdu
792783DD KashirSDNewsUrdu
786786 (same)Ibadat ActiveSDReligiousUrdu
793789Channel WinSDReligiousUrdu

Regional Hindi News (LCN 817–857)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
885817News18 Uttar Pradesh/UttarakhandSDNewsHindi
887819Zee Uttar Pradesh/UttarakhandSDNewsHindi
888821ABP GangaSDNewsHindi
345823Zee Bihar/JharkhandSDNewsHindi
857825News18 Bihar/JharkhandSDNewsHindi
865841News18 RajasthanSDNewsHindi
866843Zee Rajasthan NewsSDNewsHindi
890853Recharge ReminderSDHome ChannelHindi
891855Zee MP/ChattisgarhSDNewsHindi
893857News18 MP/ChhattisgarhSDNewsHindi

Hindi Business News (LCN 871–873)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
341871CNBC AwaazSDBusiness NewsHindi
343873Zee BusinessSDBusiness NewsHindi

English News and Business News (LCN 891–934)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
351891NDTV 24×7SDNewsEnglish
353895Times NowSDNewsEnglish
356899Mirror NowSDNewsEnglish
357901India TodaySDNewsEnglish
360903Republic TVSDNewsEnglish
359911CNN InternationalSDInternational NewsEnglish
361913BBC World NewsSDInternational NewsEnglish
363915Russia TodaySDInternational NewsEnglish
381931CNBC-TV18SDBusiness NewsEnglish
387933ET NowSDBusiness NewsEnglish
969934CNBC-TV18 Prime HDHDBusiness News HDEnglish

Infotainment and Lifestyle (LCN 953–985)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
147953Zee ZestSDInfotainmentHindi
146955Cooking ActiveSDServiceHindi
953956History TV18 HDHDInfotainment HDHindi
443957History TV18SDInfotainmentHindi
470959Epic TVSDInfotainmentHindi
952960Discovery HDHDInfotainment HDEnglish
441961Discovery ChannelSDInfotainmentEnglish
954962National Geographic HDHDInfotainment HDEnglish
445963National GeographicSDInfotainmentEnglish
965964Animal Planet HD WorldHDInfotainment HDEnglish
453965Animal PlanetSDInfotainmentEnglish
455967Discovery ScienceSDInfotainmentEnglish
957968Nat Geo Wild HDHDInfotainment HDEnglish
461969Nat Geo WildSDInfotainmentEnglish
959970Fox Life HDHDInfotainment HDEnglish
467971Fox LifeSDInfotainmentEnglish
962972TLC HDHDInfotainment HDEnglish
478975DD Gyan DarshanSDInfotainmentHindi
479977DD KisanSDInfotainmentHindi
480979DD BharatiSDInfotainmentHindi
471983Discovery TurboSDInfotainmentEnglish
966984Sony BBC Earth HDHDInfotainment HDEnglish
474985Sony BBC EarthSDInfotainmentEnglish

Kids (LCN 987 and 1101–1125)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
999999 (same)d2h InfoSDHome ChannelHome Channel
9501102Nick HD+HDKids HDHindi
5001104Kids Active ToonsSDKidsEnglish
5021105Kids Active RhymesSDKidsEnglish
5141107Sonic NickelodeonSDKidsHindi
5191109Sony YaySDKidsHindi
5201111ETV Bal BharatSDKidsHindi
5011113Cartoon NetworkSDKidsEnglish
5051115Disney ChannelSDKidsEnglish
5111119Marvel HQSDKidsEnglish
5161121Nick Jr.SDKidsEnglish
5171123Disney JuniorSDKidsEnglish
5181125Discovery KidsSDKidsEnglish

Religious (LCN 1201–1223)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
4811203Bhakti ActiveSDReligiousHindi
4871211Aastha BhajanSDReligiousHindi
4881213Sadhna BhaktiSDReligiousHindi
4901215Ishwar BhaktiSDReligiousHindi
4931217Paras GoldSDReligiousHindi
4941219Jinvani TVSDReligiousHindi
4971221Peace of MindSDReligiousEnglish
4991223God TVSDReligiousEnglish

Punjabi (LCN 1355–1431)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
7701355Zee PunjabiSDGECPunjabi
7711357PTC PunjabiSDGECPunjabi
7791359Chardikla Time TVSDGECPunjabi
7831361PTC Punjabi GoldSDGECPunjabi
7911363DD PunjabiSDGECPunjabi
7761375Punjabi ActiveSDMoviesPunjabi
7721389PTC Chak DeSDMusicPunjabi
77313919X TashanSDMusicPunjabi
7741393PTC MusicSDMusicPunjabi
7751395MH OneSDMusicPunjabi
7841397Balle BalleSDMusicPunjabi
7781409Zee Punjab Haryana HimachalSDNewsPunjabi
7801411News18 Punjab/Haryana/HimachalSDNewsPunjabi
7821413PTC NewsSDNewsPunjabi
7851415India News HaryanaSDNewsHindi
7811431PTC SimranSDReligiousPunjabi

Marathi (LCN 1454–1523)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
9701454Zee Marathi HDHDGEC HDMarathi
7511455Zee MarathiSDGECMarathi
9711456Colors Marathi HDHDGEC HDMarathi
7521457Colors MarathiSDGECMarathi
9721458Star Pravah HDHDGEC HDMarathi
7531459Star PravahSDGECMarathi
7541461Zee YuvaSDGECMarathi
7551463Fakt MarathiSDGECMarathi
7571465Sony MarathiSDGECMarathi
7491467DD SahyadriSDGECMarathi
9731480Zee Talkies HDHDMovies HDMarathi
7581481Zee TalkiesSDMoviesMarathi
7591483Shemaroo MarathiBanaSDMoviesMarathi
76114959X JhakaasSDMusicMarathi
7651497Zee VajwaSDMusicMarathi
7621513ABP MajhaSDNewsMarathi
7631515Zee 24 TaasSDNewsMarathi
7641517TV9 MarathiSDNewsMarathi
7661519Saam TVSDNewsMarathi
7681523News18 LokmatSDNewsMarathi

Gujarati (LCN 1607–1651)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
8721607Colors GujaratiSDGECGujarati
8841609DD GirnarSDGECGujarati
8811621Colors Gujarati CinemaSDMoviesGujarati
8731639News18 GujaratiSDNewsGujarati
8741641CNBC BajaarSDNewsGujarati
8751643TV9 GujaratiSDNewsGujarati
8761645Sandesh NewsSDNewsGujarati
8771647ABP AsmitaSDNewsGujarati
8781649Zee 24 KalakSDNewsGujarati
8801651VTV NewsSDNewsGujarati

Odia (LCN 1707–1789)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
8241707Tarang TVSDGECOdia
8251709Colors OdiaSDGECOdia
8261711Zee SarthakSDGECOdia
8271713DD OdiaSDGECOdia
8301715Manjari TVSDGECOdia
8291739Tarang MusicSDMusicOdia
8321753Zee OdishaSDNewsOdia
8331755Kalinga TVSDNewsOdia
8351759Prameya News 7SDNewsOdia
8361761MBC TVSDNewsOdia
8371763Kanak NewsSDNewsOdia
8381765News18 OdiaSDNewsOdia
8401767Nandighosha TVSDNewsOdia

Bengali (LCN 1806–1879)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
9751806Zee Bangla HDHDGEC HDBengali
7961807Zee BanglaSDGECBengali
9761808Colors Bangla HDHDGEC HDBengali
7971809Colors BanglaSDGECBengali
9771810Star Jalsha HDHDGEC HDBengali
7981811Star JalshaSDGECBengali
8011813Aakash AathSDGECBengali
8021815Rupashi BanglaSDGECBengali
8031817Sony AathSDGECBengali
8041819Sun BanglaSDGECBengali
8051821DD BanglaSDGECBengali
8211823CTVN AKD PlusSDGECBengali
9781834Jalsha Movies HDHDMovies HDBengali
8061835Jalsha MoviesSDMoviesBengali
8071837Zee Banlga CinemaSDMoviesBengali
8091849Dhoom MusicSDMusicBengali
8101851Sangeet BanglaSDMusicBengali
8131867ABP AnandaSDNewsBengali
8141869Zee 24 GhantaSDNewsBengali
8151871Kolkata TVSDNewsBengali
8161873Republic BanglaSDNewsBengali
8171875News Time BanglaSDNewsBengali
8181877News18 BanglaSDNewsBengali
8221879Calcutta NewsSDNewsBengali

Assamese (LCN 1957–1999)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
8431961Nepal 1SDGECAssamese
8441965DD AssamSDGECAssamese
8461967DD Arun PrabhaSDGECAssamese
8481991News LiveSDNewsAssamese
8491993DY 365SDNewsAssamese
8501995Prag NewsSDNewsAssamese
8511997Pratidin TimeSDNewsAssamese
8521999News18 North EastSDNewsAssamese

Bhojpuri (LCN 2059–2077)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
8582059Big GangaSDGECBhojpuri
8642061DD BiharSDGECBhojpuri
8592073Zee BiskopeSDMoviesBhojpuri
8602075Bhojpuri CinemaSDMoviesBhojpuri
8622077B4U BhojpuriSDMoviesBhojpuri

Telugu (LCN 2356–2507)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
9862356Gemini TV HDHDGEC HDTelugu
6912357Gemini TVSDGECTelugu
9872358Star Maa HDHDGEC HDTelugu
6922359Star MaaSDGECTelugu
9882360ETV HDHDGEC HDTelugu
6932361ETV TeluguSDGECTelugu
9842362Zee Telugu HDHDGEC HDTelugu
6942363Zee TeluguSDGECTelugu
6952365Telugu NaaptolSDGECTelugu
6972367ETV PlusSDGECTelugu
6992371Gemini LifeSDGECTelugu
7012373Studio One+SDGECTelugu
7022375DD YadagiriSDGECTelugu
7032377DD SaptagiriSDGECTelugu
7112379Gemini ComedySDGECTelugu
7362381ETV AbhiruchiSDGECTelugu
7372383ETV LifeSDGECTelugu
6962395Star Maa GoldSDMoviesTelugu
7062397Gemini MoviesSDMoviesTelugu
7072399ETV CinemaSDMoviesTelugu
9892402Star Maa Movies HDHDMovies HDTelugu
7082403Star Maa MoviesSDMoviesTelugu
9852404Zee Cinemalu HDHDMovies HDTelugu
7092405Zee CinemaluSDMoviesTelugu
7102407Telugu ActiveSDMoviesTelugu
7122417Gemini MusicSDMusicTelugu
7132419Star Maa MusicSDMusicTelugu
7142421Raj Musix TeluguSDMusicTelugu
7502433Star Sports 1 TeluguSDSportsTelugu
7172443TV5 NewsSDNewsTelugu
7182445ETV Andhra PradeshSDNewsTelugu
7192447ABN Andhra JyothiSDNewsTelugu
7202449Sakshi TVSDNewsTelugu
7212451ETV TelanganaSDNewsTelugu
7222453TV9 TeluguSDNewsTelugu
7242457V6 NewsSDNewsTelugu
7252459T NewsSDNewsTelugu
7262461HM TVSDNewsTelugu
727246310 TVSDNewsTelugu
7292465Raj News TeluguSDNewsTelugu
7402487Khushi TVSDKidsTelugu
7452505Bhakti TVSDReligiousTelugu
7482507Hindu DharmamSDReligiousTelugu

Kannada (LCN 2606–2733)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
9952606Udaya HDHDGEC HDKannada
6512607Udaya TVSDGECKannada
9972608Zee Kannada HDHDGEC HDKannada
6532609Zee KannadaSDGECKannada
9962610Star Suvarna HDHDGEC HDKannada
6542611Star SuvarnaSDGECKannada
6552612Kannada NaaptolSDShoppingKannada
6572615Kasthuri TVSDGECKannada
9942616Colors Kannada HDHDGEC HDKannada
6582617Colors KannadaSDGECKannada
6592619Colors SuperSDGECKannada
6602621Siri Kannada-All TimeSDGECKannada
6612623DD ChandanaSDGECKannada
6682625Dangal KannadaSDGECKannada
6852627Udaya ComedySDGECKannada
6562639Suvarna PlusSDMoviesKannada
6622641Zee PiccharSDMoviesKannada
6632643Udaya MoviesSDMoviesKannada
6642645Colors Kannada MoviesSDMoviesKannada
6652647Public MoviesSDMoviesKannada
6662659Udaya MusicSDMusicKannada
6672661Raj Musix KannadaSDMusicKannada
6692663Public MusicSDMusicKannada
6892675Star Sports 1 KannadaSDSportsKannada
6722683Suvarna News 24×7SDNewsKannada
6732685News18 KannadaSDNewsKannada
6742687Public TVSDNewsKannada
6752689TV9 KannadaSDNewsKannada
6762691Raj News KannadaSDNewsKannada
6772693Dighvijay 24X7 NewsSDNewsKannada
6822695News 1st KannadaSDNewsKannada
6792697BTV NewsSDNewsKannada
6812699TV5 KannadaSDNewsKannada
6872713Ayush TVSDInfotainmentKannada
6842721Chintu TVSDKidsKannada
6882733Sri SankaraSDReligiousKannada

Tamil (LCN 2857–3021)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
9802858Sun TV HDHDGEC HDTamil
5422859Sun TVSDGECTamil
9812860Star Vijay HDHDGEC HDTamil
5432861Star VijaySDGECTamil
9792862Zee Tamil HDHDGEC HDTamil
5442863Zee TamilSDGECTamil
5452865Sun LifeSDGECTamil
5462867Jaya TVSDGECTamil
5482869Vijay SuperSDGECTamil
5492871Thanthi TVSDGECTamil
5502873Polimer TVSDGECTamil
5522877Vasanth TVSDGECTamil
5532879Colors TamilSDGECTamil
5542881Raj TVSDGECTamil
5562885Tamil NaaptolSDShoppingTamil
5572887Captain TVSDGECTamil
5602889Vendhar TVSDGECTamil
5622891Mega 24SDGECTamil
5632893DD PodhigaiSDGECTamil
5672897Adithya TVSDGECTamil
5802899Mega TVSDGECTamil
5472911Zee ThiraiSDMoviesTamil
9822912KTV HDHDMovies HDTamil
5682915J MovieSDMoviesTamil
5692917Raj Digital PlusSDMoviesTamil
52229297S MusicSDMusicTamil
9832930Sun Music HDHDMusic HDTamil
5712931Sun MusicSDMusicTamil
5732935Jaya MaxSDMusicTamil
5742937Raj MusixSDMusicTamil
5752939Mega MusiqSDMusicTamil
5212951Star Sports 1 TamilSDSportsTamil
5252953Sony Ten 4SDSportsTamil
5702961Raj NewsSDNewsTamil
5792963Sun NewsSDNewsTamil
5822965Puthiya ThalaimuraiSDNewsTamil
5832967Polimer NewsSDNewsTamil
5842969Jaya PlusSDNewsTamil
5862973Makkal TVSDNewsTamil
5872975Sathiyam TVSDNewsTamil
5892977News18 Tamil NaduSDNewsTamil
5902979Velicham TVSDNewsTamil
5942991D TamilSDInfotainmentTamil
5972993Kalvi TVSDInfotainmentTamil
5953001Chutti TVSDKidsTamil
5983015Sai TVSDReligiousTamil
5933021Jyothi TVSDReligiousTamil

Malayalam (LCN 3106–3237)

Old LCNNew LCNChannel NameFormatGenreLanguage
9923106Surya HDHDGEC HDMalayalam
6023107Surya TVSDGECMalayalam
9913108Asianet HDHDGEC HDMalayalam
9933110Zee Keralam HDHDGEC HDMalayalam
6043111Zee KeralamSDGECMalayalam
9903112Mazhavil Manorama HDHDGEC HDMalayalam
6053113Mazhavil ManoramaSDGECMalayalam
6063115Malayalam NaaptolSDShoppingMalayalam
6093119Asianet PlusSDGECMalayalam
6113123Kairali WESDGECMalayalam
6123125DD MalayalamSDGECMalayalam
6153131Kappa TVSDGECMalayalam
6393139Surya ComedySDGECMalayalam
6203151Surya MoviesSDMoviesMalayalam
6213153Asianet MoviesSDMoviesMalayalam
6243165Surya MusicSDMusicMalayalam
6253167Raj Musix MalayalamSDMusicMalayalam
6283179Asianet NewsSDNewsMalayalam
6293181Manorama NewsSDNewsMalayalam
6303183Mathrubhumi NewsSDNewsMalayalam
6323185News18 KeralaSDNewsMalayalam
6333187Raj News MalayalamSDNewsMalayalam
6343189Kairali NewsSDNewsMalayalam
6363191Twenty FourSDNewsMalayalam
6143193Janam TVSDNewsMalayalam
6313195Media OneSDNewsMalayalam
6353197Jai HindSDNewsMalayalam
6413205Safari TVSDInfotainmentMalayalam
6423207Kite VictersSDInfotainmentMalayalam
6403215Kochu TVSDKidsMalayalam
6443231Shalom TVSDReligiousMalayalam
6453233Goodness TVSDReligiousMalayalam
6463235Power Vision TVSDReligiousMalayalam
6473237Harvest TVSDReligiousMalayalam

Historically d2h has been a laggard in terms of adding new channels, and lacks a number of important channels, with the struggles especially increasing since its merger with Dish TV a couple of years back. It has the fewest HD channels of the five major DTH services. While others have ramped up their channel addition, both Dish TV and d2h have struggled in this department. This big LCN reshuffling provides a much-needed opportunity for d2h to free up many LCNs for adding new channels, especially in the HD channel department, where it faced space constraints earlier and had to cram together many channels in the 9xx series.

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Soham is a Computer Science graduate from NTU, Singapore, actively interested in the Indian TV and entertainment industry. He publishes articles and shares his insights on the Indian TV industry and DTH operators. He has a passion for words and reflects that through his articles.

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Channel Name Format Genre Language Old LCN New LCN
Zee Punjabi SD GEC Punjabi 770 1355
PTC Punjabi SD GEC Punjabi 771 1357
Chardikla Time TV SD GEC Punjabi 779 1359
PTC Punjabi Gold SD GEC Punjabi 783 1361
DD Punjabi SD GEC Punjabi 791 1363
Punjabi Active SD Movies Punjabi 776 1375
Pitaara SD Movies Punjabi 777 1377
PTC Chak De SD Music Punjabi 772 1389
9X Tashan SD Music Punjabi 773 1391
PTC Music SD Music Punjabi 774 1393
MH One SD Music Punjabi 775 1395
Balle Balle SD Music Punjabi 784 1397
Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal SD News Punjabi 778 1409
News18 Punjab/Haryana/Himachal SD News Punjabi 780 1411
PTC News SD News Punjabi 782 1413
India News Haryana SD News Hindi 785 1415
PTC Simran SD Religious Punjabi 781 1431


Channel Name Format Genre Language Old LCN New LCN
Zee Marathi HD HD GEC HD Marathi 970 1454
Zee Marathi SD GEC Marathi 751 1455
Colors Marathi HD HD GEC HD Marathi 971 1456
Colors Marathi SD GEC Marathi 752 1457
Star Pravah HD HD GEC HD Marathi 972 1458
Star Pravah SD GEC Marathi 753 1459
Zee Yuva SD GEC Marathi 754 1461
Fakt Marathi SD GEC Marathi 755 1463
Sony Marathi SD GEC Marathi 757 1465
DD Sahyadri SD GEC Marathi 749 1467
Zee Talkies HD HD Movies HD Marathi 973 1480
Zee Talkies SD Movies Marathi 758 1481
Shemaroo MarathiBana SD Movies Marathi 759 1483
9X Jhakaas SD Music Marathi 761 1495
Zee Vajwa SD Music Marathi 765 1497
ABP Majha SD News Marathi 762 1513
Zee 24 Taas SD News Marathi 763 1515
TV9 Marathi SD News Marathi 764 1517
Saam TV SD News Marathi 766 1519
Lokshahi SD News Marathi 767 1521
News18 Lokmat SD News Marathi 768 1523


Channel Name Format Genre Language Old LCN New LCN
Colors Gujarati SD GEC Gujarati 872 1607
DD Girnar SD GEC Gujarati 884 1609
Colors Gujarati Cinema SD Movies Gujarati 881 1621
News18 Gujarati SD News Gujarati 873 1639
CNBC Bajaar SD News Gujarati 874 1641
TV9 Gujarati SD News Gujarati 875 1643
Sandesh News SD News Gujarati 876 1645
ABP Asmita SD News Gujarati 877 1647
Zee 24 Kalak SD News Gujarati 878 1649
VTV News SD News Gujarati 880 1651


Channel Name Format Genre Language Old LCN New LCN
Tarang TV SD GEC Odia 824 1707
Colors Odia SD GEC Odia 825 1709
Zee Sarthak SD GEC Odia 826 1711
DD Odia SD GEC Odia 827 1713
Manjari TV SD GEC Odia 830 1715
Alankar SD Movies Odia 828 1727
Tarang Music SD Music Odia 829 1739
OTV SD News Odia 831 1751
Zee Odisha SD News Odia 832 1753
Kalinga TV SD News Odia 833 1755
Argus SD News Odia 834 1757
Prameya News 7 SD News Odia 835 1759
MBC TV SD News Odia 836 1761
Kanak News SD News Odia 837 1763
News18 Odia SD News Odia 838 1765
Nandighosha TV SD News Odia 840 1767
Prarthana SD Religious Odia 839 1789


Channel Name Format Genre Language Old LCN New LCN
Zee Bangla HD HD GEC HD Bengali 975 1806
Zee Bangla SD GEC Bengali 796 1807
Colors Bangla HD HD GEC HD Bengali 976 1808
Colors Bangla SD GEC Bengali 797 1809
Star Jalsha HD HD GEC HD Bengali 977 1810
Star Jalsha SD GEC Bengali 798 1811
Aakash Aath SD GEC Bengali 801 1813
Rupashi Bangla SD GEC Bengali 802 1815
Sony Aath SD GEC Bengali 803 1817
Sun Bangla SD GEC Bengali 804 1819
DD Bangla SD GEC Bengali 805 1821
CTVN AKD Plus SD GEC Bengali 821 1823
Jalsha Movies HD HD Movies HD Bengali 978 1834
Jalsha Movies SD Movies Bengali 806 1835
Zee Bangla Cinema SD Movies Bengali 807 1837
Dhoom Music SD Music Bengali 809 1849
Sangeet Bangla SD Music Bengali 810 1851
ABP Ananda SD News Bengali 813 1867
Zee 24 Ghanta SD News Bengali 814 1869
Kolkata TV SD News Bengali 815 1871
Republic Bangla SD News Bengali 816 1873
News Time Bangla SD News Bengali 817 1875
News18 Bangla SD News Bengali 818 1877
Calcutta News SD News Bengali 822 1879


Channel Name Format Genre Language Old LCN New LCN
Rang SD GEC Assamese 841 1957
Rengoni SD GEC Assamese 842 1959
Nepal 1 SD GEC Assamese 843 1961
Jonack SD GEC Assamese 845 1963
DD Assam SD GEC Assamese 844 1965
DD Arun Prabha SD GEC Assamese 846 1967
Ramdhenu SD Music Assamese 847 1979
News Live SD News Assamese 848 1991
DY 365 SD News Assamese 849 1993
Prag News SD News Assamese 850 1995
Pratidin Time SD News Assamese 851 1997
News18 North East SD News Assamese 852 1999


Channel Name Format Genre Language Old LCN New LCN
Big Ganga SD GEC Bhojpuri 858 2059
DD Bihar SD GEC Bhojpuri 864 2061
Zee Biskope SD Movies Bhojpuri 859 2073
Bhojpuri Cinema SD Movies Bhojpuri 860 2075
B4U Bhojpuri SD Movies Bhojpuri 862 2077


Channel Name Format Genre Language Old LCN New LCN
Gemini TV HD HD GEC HD Telugu 986 2356
Gemini TV SD GEC Telugu 691 2357
Star Maa HD HD GEC HD Telugu 987 2358
Star Maa SD GEC Telugu 692 2359
ETV HD HD GEC HD Telugu 988 2360
ETV Telugu SD GEC Telugu 693 2361
Zee Telugu HD HD GEC HD Telugu 984 2362
Zee Telugu SD GEC Telugu 694 2363
Telugu Naaptol SD GEC Telugu 695 2365
ETV Plus SD GEC Telugu 697 2367
Vissa SD GEC Telugu 698 2369
Gemini Life SD GEC Telugu 699 2371
Studio One+ SD GEC Telugu 701 2373
DD Yadagiri SD GEC Telugu 702 2375
DD Saptagiri SD GEC Telugu 703 2377
Gemini Comedy SD GEC Telugu 711 2379
ETV Abhiruchi SD GEC Telugu 736 2381
ETV Life SD GEC Telugu 737 2383
Star Maa Gold SD Movies Telugu 696 2395
Gemini Movies SD Movies Telugu 706 2397
ETV Cinema SD Movies Telugu 707 2399
Star Maa Movies HD HD Movies HD Telugu 989 2402
Star Maa Movies SD Movies Telugu 708 2403
Zee Cinemalu HD HD Movies HD Telugu 985 2404
Zee Cinemalu SD Movies Telugu 709 2405
Telugu Active SD Movies Telugu 710 2407
Gemini Music SD Music Telugu 712 2417
Star Maa Music SD Music Telugu 713 2419
Raj Musix Telugu SD Music Telugu 714 2421
Star Sports 1 Telugu SD Sports Telugu 750 2433
TV5 News SD News Telugu 717 2443
ETV Andhra Pradesh SD News Telugu 718 2445
ABN Andhra Jyothi SD News Telugu 719 2447
Sakshi TV SD News Telugu 720 2449
ETV Telangana SD News Telugu 721 2451
TV9 Telugu SD News Telugu 722 2453
NTV SD News Telugu 723 2455
V6 News SD News Telugu 724 2457
T News SD News Telugu 725 2459
HM TV SD News Telugu 726 2461
10 TV SD News Telugu 727 2463
Raj News Telugu SD News Telugu 729 2465
Khushi TV SD Kids Telugu 740 2487
Aradana SD Religious Telugu 742 2499
SVBC SD Religious Telugu 744 2503
Bhakti TV SD Religious Telugu 745 2505
Hindu Dharmam SD Religious Telugu 748 2507


Channel Name Format Genre Language Old LCN New LCN
Udaya HD HD GEC HD Kannada 995 2606
Udaya TV SD GEC Kannada 651 2607
Zee Kannada HD HD GEC HD Kannada 997 2608
Zee Kannada SD GEC Kannada 653 2609
Star Suvarna HD HD GEC HD Kannada 996 2610
Star Suvarna SD GEC Kannada 654 2611
Kannada Naaptol SD Shopping Kannada 655 2612
Kasthuri TV SD GEC Kannada 657 2615
Colors Kannada HD HD GEC HD Kannada 994 2616
Colors Kannada SD GEC Kannada 658 2617
Colors Super SD GEC Kannada 659 2619
Siri Kannada-All Time SD GEC Kannada 660 2621
DD Chandana SD GEC Kannada 661 2623
Dangal Kannada SD GEC Kannada 668 2625
Udaya Comedy SD GEC Kannada 685 2627
Suvarna Plus SD Movies Kannada 656 2639
Zee Picchar SD Movies Kannada 662 2641
Udaya Movies SD Movies Kannada 663 2643
Colors Kannada Movies SD Movies Kannada 664 2645
Public Movies SD Movies Kannada 665 2647
Udaya Music SD Music Kannada 666 2659
Raj Musix Kannada SD Music Kannada 667 2661
Public Music SD Music Kannada 669 2663
Star Sports 1 Kannada SD Sports Kannada 689 2675
Suvarna News 24x7 SD News Kannada 672 2683
News18 Kannada SD News Kannada 673 2685
Public TV SD News Kannada 674 2687
TV9 Kannada SD News Kannada 675 2689
Raj News Kannada SD News Kannada 676 2691
Dighvijay 24X7 News SD News Kannada 677 2693
News 1st Kannada SD News Kannada 682 2695
BTV News SD News Kannada 679 2697
TV5 Kannada SD News Kannada 681 2699
Ayush TV SD Infotainment Kannada 687 2713
Chintu TV SD Kids Kannada 684 2721
Sri Sankara SD Religious Kannada 688 2733


Channel Name Format Genre Language Old LCN New LCN
Puthuyugam SD GEC Tamil 524 2857
Sun TV HD HD GEC HD Tamil 980 2858
Sun TV SD GEC Tamil 542 2859
Vijay HD HD GEC HD Tamil 981 2860
Vijay TV SD GEC Tamil 543 2861
Zee Tamil HD HD GEC HD Tamil 979 2862
Zee Tamil SD GEC Tamil 544 2863
Sun Life SD GEC Tamil 545 2865
Jaya TV SD GEC Tamil 546 2867
Vijay Super SD GEC Tamil 548 2869
Thanthi TV SD GEC Tamil 549 2871
Polimer SD GEC Tamil 550 2873
Sirippoli SD GEC Tamil 551 2875
Vasanth TV SD GEC Tamil 552 2877
Colors Tamil SD GEC Tamil 553 2879
Raj TV SD GEC Tamil 554 2881
Murasu SD GEC Tamil 555 2883
Tamil Naaptol SD Shopping Tamil 556 2885
Captain TV SD GEC Tamil 557 2887
Vendhar TV SD GEC Tamil 560 2889
Mega 24 SD GEC Tamil 562 2891
DD Podhigai SD GEC Tamil 563 2893
Kalaignar SD GEC Tamil 564 2895
Adithya TV SD GEC Tamil 567 2897
Mega TV SD GEC Tamil 580 2899
Zee Thirai SD Movies Tamil 547 2911
KTV HD HD Movies HD Tamil 982 2912
KTV SD Movies Tamil 566 2913
J Movie SD Movies Tamil 568 2915
Raj Digital Plus SD Movies Tamil 569 2917
7S Music SD Music Tamil 522 2929
Sun Music HD HD Music HD Tamil 983 2930
Sun Music SD Music Tamil 571 2931
Isaiaruvi SD Music Tamil 572 2933
Jaya Max SD Music Tamil 573 2935
Raj Musix SD Music Tamil 574 2937
Mega Musiq SD Music Tamil 575 2939
Star Sports 1 Tamil SD Sports Tamil 521 2951
Sony Ten 4 SD Sports Tamil 525 2953
Raj News SD News Tamil 570 2961
Sun News SD News Tamil 579 2963
Puthiya Thalaimurai SD News Tamil 582 2965
Polimer News SD News Tamil 583 2967
Jaya Plus SD News Tamil 584 2969
Seithigal SD News Tamil 585 2971
Makkal TV SD News Tamil 586 2973
Sathiyam TV SD News Tamil 587 2975
News18 Tamil Nadu SD News Tamil 589 2977
Velicham TV SD News Tamil 590 2979
D Tamil SD Infotainment Tamil 594 2991
Kalvi TV SD Infotainment Tamil 597 2993
Chutti TV SD Kids Tamil 595 3001
Nambikkkai SD Religious Tamil 578 3013
Sai TV SD Religious Tamil 598 3015
Madha SD Religious Tamil 599 3017
SVBC2 SD Religious Tamil 600 3019
Jyothi TV SD Religious Tamil 593 3021


Channel Name Format Genre Language Old LCN New LCN
Surya HD HD GEC HD Malayalam 992 3106
Surya TV SD GEC Malayalam 602 3107
Asianet HD HD GEC HD Malayalam 991 3108
Asianet SD GEC Malayalam 603 3109
Zee Keralam HD HD GEC HD Malayalam 993 3110
Zee Keralam SD GEC Malayalam 604 3111
Mazhavil Manorama HD HD GEC HD Malayalam 990 3112
Mazhavil Manorama SD GEC Malayalam 605 3113
Malayalam Naaptol SD Shopping Malayalam 606 3115
Kairali SD GEC Malayalam 608 3117
Asianet Plus SD GEC Malayalam 609 3119
Amrita SD GEC Malayalam 610 3121
Kairali WE SD GEC Malayalam 611 3123
DD Malayalam SD GEC Malayalam 612 3125
Kaumudy SD GEC Malayalam 613 3127
Kappa TV SD GEC Malayalam 615 3131
Flowers SD GEC Malayalam 617 3133
Surya Comedy SD GEC Malayalam 639 3139
Surya Movies SD Movies Malayalam 620 3151
Asianet Movies SD Movies Malayalam 621 3153
Surya Music SD Music Malayalam 624 3165
Raj Musix Malayalam SD Music Malayalam 625 3167
Asianet News SD News Malayalam 628 3179
Manorama News SD News Malayalam 629 3181
Mathrubhumi News SD News Malayalam 630 3183
News18 Kerala SD News Malayalam 632 3185
Raj News Malayalam SD News Malayalam 633 3187
Kairali News SD News Malayalam 634 3189
Twenty Four SD News Malayalam 636 3191
Janam TV SD News Malayalam 614 3193
Media One SD News Malayalam 631 3195
Jai Hind SD News Malayalam 635 3197
Safari TV SD Infotainment Malayalam 641 3205
Kite Victers SD Infotainment Malayalam 642 3207
Kochu TV SD Kids Malayalam 640 3215
Darshana SD Religious Malayalam 643 3229
Shalom TV SD Religious Malayalam 644 3231
Goodness TV SD Religious Malayalam 645 3233
Power Vision TV SD Religious Malayalam 646 3235
Harvest TV SD Religious Malayalam 647 3237

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