d2h offering 30% cashback on recharging with magic amount

d2h offering 30% cashback on recharging with magic amount

d2h has started offering cashback of 30% to its customers recharging with magic recharge amount, first reported by DreamDTH last month. The offer was launched near Diwali last month and is still active currently.

d2h offering 30% cashback on recharging with magic amount

The recharge offer was earlier not publicized much but the DTH operator last night added the banner on its homepage to promote the offer. d2h customers can give a missed call on 97818 97818 from their registered telephone number to know their magic recharge amount.

The UPP starts from Rs 203 and increases in the denomination of Rs 100 like Rs 303, Rs 403, Rs 503 and so on. Customers get an instant cashback of 30% on recharging. The offer is not available for all customers.

Every retailer must check for each customer’s unique UPP, before recharging in the d2h from the dealer app and also the dealer portal. Customers coming to the d2h website or using the d2h Infinity App will also get to see their Magic UPP at the time of recharge.

Different Magic UPPs are available for different customers. Rs 1203, Rs 203, Rs 503, Rs 903, Rs 803 were the magic UPPs spotted by DreamDTH. A cashback of Rs 360.9, Rs 60.9, Rs 150.9, Rs 270.9 and Rs 240.9 is being offered on the respective offers.

d2h offering 30% cashback on recharging with magic amount

Nagimaram, a d2h retailer spoke to DreamDTH on the Magic UPP offer.

“For the first time an unbelievable cashback offer is configured with back end scientific logic to create a unique MAGIC UPP for almost 80% of our d2h customer base. Each customer shall be eligible for this unique UPP Offering based on a sophisticated back end intelligent system logic. For us retailers, there was additional margin as Diwali celebrations. With every Magic UPP recharge, a dealer earned double margin. (3% extra margin over and above existing, on all magic UPP recharge)”

Loyalty ki Royalty Offer

d2h has also amended its Long Term Recharge Benefit Policy from 30th October which is now called ‘Loyalty ki Royalty’ offer. Under the new offer, the number of extra free days has been reduced post the expiry of d2h’s festive offer.

For all Active Customers and DA till 30, recharge with :

  • 3 Months and get 7 days extra viewing
  • 6 Months and get 15 days extra viewing
  • 12 Months and get 30 days extra

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