Dish TV and D2h remove 30 day Lock-In period from A-la-Carte channels

Dish TV d2h

Direct to Home (DTH) operator Dish TV and D2h have removed the 30 days Lock-In period from A-la-Carte channels earlier today. Dish TV and D2h users can now drop and add a-la-carte channels at any point of time without waiting for a month for the lock in period to expire.

Dish TV d2h

The change has been effected earlier today seemingly post midnight with Dish TV and D2h users on our community forums reporting the change early morning. The 30 days lock in period is now only available on Dish TV and d2h curated Add-On packs. Dish TV user and our community forum member Satyajeet B notes that there is no lock in period on Basic Service Tier packs and broadcaster bouquets either.

To recall, Dish TV had back in April 2019 brought in a one-day lock in period however the same was reverted back in July 2019 with the 30 days lock in period being brought back.

Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV have from the start of the New Tariff Order allowed customers to drop and add channels at their convenience with a 1 day lock-in period. Sun Direct also last year changed its policy allowing dropping of channels at any point of time without any 30 days lock in period.

Dish TV’s move will help its customers drop channels at their convenience. Whether Dish TV and D2h stick to their policy of 1 day lock in period remains to be seen given they had flipped earlier last year.

Thanks for the Tip- Amit1079 and satyajeetb

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The Unhappy Penguin
The Unhappy Penguin
5 months ago

Good news for dth subscriber. Now we can enjoy channels without any lock-in period across operators.

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