Hathway posts Rs 49 crores Net Profit in Q4 FY 20

Hathway posts Rs 49 crores Net Profit in Q4 FY 20

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Reliance Industries owned Hathway Cable and Datacom on Thursday announced its financial results for the quarter ending March 31, 2020. Hathway has posted a net profit of Rs 49 crores in Q4 FY 20.

Hathway posts Rs 49 crores Net Profit in Q4 FY 20

Results Summary

  • Consolidated Income at Rs 514.46 crores in Q4 FY 20
  • Consolidated Expenses at Rs 458.53 crores in Q4 FY 20
  • PAT at Rs 49.08 crores in Q4 FY 20
  • FY 20 revenue at Rs 2,044 crores
  • FY 20 expenses at Rs 1,960 crores
  • FY 20 PAT at Rs 105.47 crores

Hathway’s total income in Q4 FY 20 was pretty much similar to its performance in Q3 with a minor difference of 2 crores. Q4 Income stood at Rs 514.46 crores, up from Rs 512.61 crores in Q3.

Total expenses in Q4 reduced by around 14 crores compared to Q3. Q4 expenses stood at Rs 458.53 crores compared to Rs 473.18 crores in Q3. Net profit after tax came down from Rs 68.18 crores in Q3 to Rs 49.08 crores in Q4.

Hathway turned a headwind its annual result overturning a major loss in FY 19 into a profit in FY 20. Hathway turned around its business registering a profit of Rs 105.47 crores in FY 20 compared to a loss of Rs 187.67 crores in FY 19. Cable Television segment has played a big role in making Hathway’s business profitable.

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