IN10 Media’s Bhojpuri Movies channel Filamchi will be a Pay channel on Pay platforms

Filamchi will compete with BDM, Zee Biskope, Bhojpuri Cinema, B4U Bhojpuri, Surya Bhojpuri, and Big Ganga.

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Filamchi Bhojpuri

IN10 Media’s newly launched Bhojpuri Movie channel will be a pay channel on pay platforms. Filamchi was silently launched earlier this month with IN10 Media is ramping up the promotion of its Bhojpuri Movies channel Filamchi in the past 7 days with promos on its Free to Air Music channel Showbox and social media channels. Famous Bhojpuri actor Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua is the main face for the channel.

According to the latest Reference Interconnect Offer published by IN10 Media, Filamchi will be available to pay DTH platform subscribers at an a-la-carte price of Rs 0.25 per month. Interestingly, IN10 Media has chosen not to make the channel a Free to Air channel.

Filamchi will compete with BDM, Zee Biskope, Bhojpuri Cinema, B4U Bhojpuri, Surya Bhojpuri, and Big Ganga. It is currently the costliest Bhojpuri Movie channel in the industry even tho it just costs a meager Rs 0.25

Zee Biskope is priced at Rs 0.10 per month while Bhojpuri Cinema, B4U Bhojpuri, and Surya Bhojpuri are Free to Air channels. While Big Ganga does costs the twice of Filamchi, it is a Bhojpuri GEC and not a Movie channel. BDM, a Bhojpuri Movie channel from Viacom18 is currently only available on DD Free Dish as an FTA channel. It’s pricing for pay DTH platforms will only be revealed when Viacom18 rebrands it with the official name and launches it onboard pay DTH platforms.

Filamchi Channel – DTH and Cable TV Availability

  • DTH – DD Free Dish Channel Number 48
  • Cable – Santosh Cable Network LCN 309, JVN Cable Network LCN 309, MCN Private Limited LCN 127, Sanjay Cable Network LCN 154, Roopwanti Digital Cable Network LCN 609, International Cable Network LCN 153, Payal Digital LCN 344, Seemanchal Digital Network LCN 16, Madhuri Cable Network LCN 173, Digital Homecast LCN 293, Ranchi Digital LCN 129, Alliance Cable Network LCN 452, Sky Digital (Madhuri Cable) LCN 269, Dayal Cable Network LCN 403, Shri Hari Vishnu Cable Network LCN 726, Digital Cable TV LCN 908, Santosh Cable Network LCN 66, Traritii Digital Network Pvt Ltd LCN 809, Jai Mata Di Digital Network LCN 207, SCN Cable Network LCN 839, Khushboo Cable Network LCN 563, and Jai Mata Di Digital Network LCN 663.
  • OTT – Epic ON

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