MIB approves name change of T TV to Maha Punjabi

MIB approves name change of T TV to Maha Punjabi

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) has approved the name change of Teleone Consumers Product Pvt Ltd’s T TV channel license to its new name Maha Punjabi. The channel is however yet to rebrand with the new name.

MIB approves name change license of T TV to Maha Punjabi
Maha Punjabi (earlier T TV before that Maha Mazza)TELEONE CONSUMERS PRODUCT PVT. LTD.NON-NEWSHindi, English and All Others Indian Languages

T TV is a Punjabi channel from Teleone Consumers Product Pvt Ltd’s stable. The channel’s license was initially named as Maha Mazza. It was later changed to T TV. T TV – Taur Punjab Di launched earlier this year and is a FTA Punjabi movie and music channel. The channel has been consistently ranking in the Top 5 Punjabi channels according to BARC Ratings.

The broadcaster had also expanded the offerings on its channel. Deepak Sharma, an experienced Satellite Tracker said, “ Apart from Punjabi Movies, T TV Punjabi is now also showing Punjabi serials. A new Punjabi serial named Vardaat: Yaar Maar has started airing on the channel. It is a crime based show.”

The broadcaster applied for the name change approval after registering the new logo in August. Teleone Consumers earlier used to run FTA Kids channel Maha Cartoon which was shut down later on. It also runs the FTA Hindi movie channel Maha Movie.

DreamDTH had earlier reported the grant of 10 new licenses by the Ministry in November. The Ministry is likely to have approved more name changes but at the time of publishing to press the Ministry’s database was only updated with this change.

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