MIB cancels Green TV license for non-operation and non-submission of annual fees

MIB cancels Green TV license for non-operation and non-submission of annual fees


The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) last week cancelled the satellite TV channel license of Nomad Films Limited for non-operation. The Ministry cancelled the license named ‘Green TV’ belonging to Nomad Films Limited citing ‘non-operation and non-submission of annual fees’ as the reason for cancellation.

The satellite TV license was cancelled on 22th January 2021 which incorporated into the database today. The license was initially granted on 27th January 2014 in NON-NEWS category with uplinking and downlinking permission through Intelsat-20 with PlanetCast Media teleport services. The channel was allowed to broadcast in Hindi, English, and as well as few regional Indian languages.

ChannelCompanyDate of Cancellation of PermissionReason for Cancellation
Green TVNomad Films Ltd.22/01/2021Non Operational and non submission of annual fees

Green TV was a 24-hour Hindi agricultural television channel aimed predominantly at the rural and semi-urban population of India. It was started with a mission to provide information and wholesome entertainment to this segment of the population

The Ministry recently renamed Zingaat’s satellite TV channel license to ‘Sant Wani’. The satellite TV channel license is held by Exclusive Vision Media Limited which also holds another satellite TV channel license named Lord Buddha TV.

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