MIB cancels Living Entertainment’s ‘Living Travelz’ TV channel license

Living Travel TV license cancelled by MIB. Channel continues to be listed in ZEEL's latest RIO dated 28th July 2021.

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The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) yesterday updated its cancelled TV channels database with the cancellation of Living Entertainment Enterprises Private Limited’s ‘Living Travelz‘ satellite TV channel license. The Ministry has revoked the permission on 18th August 2021 as per the database. The database notes ‘Not Required’ as the reason for the cancellation of the TV channel license.

Interestingly, the channel continues to be part of Zee Entertainment Enterprise Limited’s (ZEEL) latest Reference Interconnect Offer (RIO) MRP – DTH Version 4/2021, published on 28th July 2021 and effective 5th September 2021. Living Travelz is listed as a Standard Definition channel serving the Infotainment genre in the Hindi language. The channel is priced at Rs 0.10 on an a-la-carte basis. It remains to be seen as to when ZEEL drops the channel from its RIO given the cancellation of the license.

ChannelCompany NameUL & DL/ UL Only/ DL OnlyCategoryDate of Permission (DD/MM/YYYY)Date of Cancellation of Permission (DD/MM/YYYY)Reason for Cancellation
Living TravelzLiving Entertainment Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.UPLINKING & DOWNLINKINGNON-NEWS9/12/201818/08/2021Not required

The Ministry had initially granted the TV channel license to Living Entertainment on 9th December 2018 in the ‘NON-NEWS’ category with uplinking and downlinking permission. The TV channel license had permission to broadcast in Hindi and English languages.

ZEEL had in June 2019 dropped Living ZEN from its Reference Interconnect Offer. The license was then subsequently cancelled by the Ministry on 21st October 2019.

MIB had additionally updated its database with the renaming of Discovery Communication India’s TV channel license Animal Planet HD World to ‘Animal Planet HD’. The TV license granted to Discovery was initially known as Discovery Home and Health and subsequently known as Animal Planet HD World and now Animal Planet HD.

ChannelCompany NameCategoryUplinking & Downlinking/ Uplinking Only/ Downlinking OnlyLanguage

The Ministry has additionally taken on record the change of company name from Surya Processed Food Private Limited to Surya Sagar Communication Private Limited. The company currently holds three satellite TV channel licenses in its name.

New Company NameOld Company Name
Surya Sagar Communication Pvt. LimitedSurya Processed Food Pvt. Ltd

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Living Travel TV license cancelled by MIB. Channel continues to be listed in ZEEL's latest RIO dated 28th July 2021.

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