Network18 shortlisted by GNI YouTube Sustainability Lab

The company is among one of the 20 media houses internationally that been shortlisted for the program.

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Network18 earlier this announced that it had been selected by Google News to be a part of Google News Initiative (GNI) for funding as part of the YouTube Sustainability Lab that will support innovation in the area of sustainability for video news.

GNI had earlier this year invited media companies around the world for media proposals for selection into the year-long program wherein through the lab YouTube and GNI teams will work closely with selected news organizations around the world to accelerate innovative ideas related to financial sustainability for video news in the areas of advertising revenue, user revenue, and cost savings.

Network18 submitted a proposal for an innovative cost savings model that would employ a nationwide network of reporters leverage the AI and MI technology developing cutting edge-cutting mobile journalism platform enabling higher volumes of video news with lowered costs of productions. The company is among one of the 20 media houses internationally that been shortlisted for the program.

“We appreciate the GNI’s effort to work with the news industry to help journalism thrive in the digital age and are delighted to have been selected to work on this initiative.  We believe that the financial support and peer interactions with media companies around the world will enable us to do greater innovation to deliver a world-class product that’s focused on India. We are committed towards forging greater integration between TV & Digital, and pivoting our philosophy to ‘TV first, digital always’, thereby mobilizing our strength of 1200+ reporters, contributing daily in 13 different languages, to do mobile journalism using AI/ML-powered tools and make it faster and efficient to publish premium news content on our websites, apps and social media properties.” 

Pandurang Nayak, Chief Technology Officer, Network18 Digital

The proposed solution will build on File18, a Network18 initiative launched last year that leverages its nationwide network of 1,200+ reporters to file text stories and take it further to provide a platform to file videos with great speed, high quality, and with controls around copyright checks, content moderation etc.

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