Sony SAB’s latest campaign to challenge gender stereotypes

Sony SAB’s latest campaign to challenge gender stereotypes

Kaatelal and Sons

Sony SAB is set to challenge gender stereotypes with is latest campaign – ‘Sapno Ka Koi Gender Nahi Hota’ for its upcoming show Kaatelal and Sons. The campaign features a video challenging deep rooted gender stereotypes with a message ‘Khol Dimaag Ka Shutter’ starring Jiya Shankar and Megha Chakrabothy foot tapping number composed by Mayur Jumani.

The catchy lyrics of ‘Khol Dimaag Ka Shutter’ takes a cheeky spin to question cliched notions of gender biases in careers and job roles. The campaign will have a 360 degree integrated marketing outreach through print, digital, outdoor, a strategic promotional plan with Paytm and Big Bazaar. The channel also has a strong digital plan in place to promote the show and focused influencer outreach to spotlight the innovative music video.

“Kaatelal & Sons is a beautiful and true testament of Sony SAB’s forward-looking approach where we continue to offer shows that have hope and meaning. With Sapno Ka Koi Gender Nahi Hota campaign, we aim at challenging the deep-rooted stereotypes of gender roles in our society. We want to embody this promise not only through our on-air content but also through our marketing campaign that can be entertaining while raising some meaningful questions that can spearhead a change in people’s lives. Khol Dimaag Ka Shutter is a fun musical take on the concept of Kaatelal & Sons with a thought-provoking message. We are encouraging everyone to #ungender their dreams. “

Vaishali Sharma, Head – Marketing & Communications, Sony SAB

Kaatelal & Sons narrates a heartening tale about ‘un-gendering’ your dreams brining forth the story of two sisters who take on their’s father business of running a local men’s hair salon in Rohtak when adversity strikes. Their father believes the ancestral shop cannot be passed on to his daughters since girls are not meant to pursue such a profession while the daughters are adamant on keeping the shop in the family and taking the business to new heights.

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