Star India extends transition period on DPOs request till January 31, 2020

Star India extends transition period on DPOs request till January 31, 2020

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Star India has again upon considering various requests from distribution platform operators (DPOs) extended the transition period until January 31, 2020. This is the second extension from Star and will be the final one. The initial deadline was August 31 which was then extended to October 31, 2019.

Star India again extends transition period on DPOs request till January 31, 2019

Star had on 31 May made the first addendum to its subscription license agreement, revising its RIO by way of integration of Disney channels, the introduction of Nat Geo Tamil and Nat Geo Telugu, amendment of existing bouquets, launching of new bouquets, revising MRP of some channels and bouquets and simplifying the incentives.

On the calculation of subscription fee, Star said that if the DPO reports subscribed channels/bouquets as opted under the erstwhile SLA and DBIL RIO or revised subscribed channels/bouquets detailed in the First Addendum during the Transition period, then the benefits of the equivalent new bouquet(s)/channels under the First Addendum shall be passed on to the DPO for the purpose of calculation of subscription fee.

On the calculation of incentive, Star India was quoted as saying,

“During the Transition Period, if the DPO reports either Erstwhile Subscribed Channels/Subscribed Bouquets or Revised Subscribed Channels/Subscribed Bouquets to STAR in the Qualifying Reports, then the incentive condition applicable on the Revised Subscribed Bouquet shall also be applicable to the equivalent/identical Erstwhile Subscribed Bouquet.”

Star has also extended the revised incentive until January 31, 2020, in the interest of meeting the larger objective reiterated by TRAI from time to time towards migration to the New Regime. The agreements signed under the New Regime will lapse on January 31, 2020, which will force DPOs to sign the latest RIO agreement published by the broadcaster.

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