Tata Sky added 13 new TPs to its NIT

Tata Sky is expected to soon undergo Satellite Migration which is likely to be followed by a Mega LCN change.

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Tata Sky last month has added 13 new Transponders to its Network Information Table (NIT). All the newly added Transponders are of Horizontal polarisation. Tata Sky’s NIT now has a total of 38 Transponders.

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  • Tata Sky NIT scaled

The newly added Transponders could be from GSAT 31. The transponders were reported as having no signal a few days back. After its launch, GSAT 31 was placed at 74°E slot to replace Insat 4CR but on 31st August it has been maneuvered to lower its altitude and drifted eastward to reach the new slot at 83°E. Tata Sky is expected to switch to GSAT 31 when it dumps INSAT 4-A.

The DPO has done lot of backend activities in the past few days. It had carried out a compression activity. Tata Sky has been moving channels recently to GSAT 10. Insat 4A has already outlived its life span and there is no point risking staying on it.

Newly added Transponder List

  • 12600 H 32000
  • 11210 H 32720
  • 11250 H 32720
  • 11290 H 32720
  • 11330 H 32720
  • 11370 H 32720
  • 11410 H 32720
  • 10930 H 32720
  • 10890 H 32720
  • 10850 H 32720
  • 10810 H 32720
  • 10770 H 32720
  • 10730 H 32720

According to reliable sources, Tata Sky had planned to do a massive LCN change at the end of September to readjust the placement of channels. However the same was put on hold by Tata Sky due to regulatory reasons. According to Tata Sky’s response dated September 23 to TRAI, t suggested TRAI remove the mandate of fixing the LCN for a minimum period of a year as it gravely affects the commercial interests of the DPOs.

Tata Sky said it needed freedom and flexibility on EPG. It is currently facing a space crunch in the EPG for certain genres where the number of channels has increased at a larger pace. However, to remain in compliance with the Genre/Language Listing, it has had to forcibly shift a few LCN numbers which are also currently prohibited. The DPO on Thursday had changed the LCN of Indology, Naaptol and EZ Mall placing it 30 LCNs away from its earlier placement.

Tata Sky is expected to soon undergo Satellite Migration which is likely to be followed by a Mega LCN change.

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