Tata Sky launches ‘Tata Sky Astro Duniya’

Tata Sky launches ‘Tata Sky Astro Duniya’

Tata Sky Astro Duniya

Direct to Home (DTH) operator Tata Sky today announced the strengthening of its platform services with the launch of ‘Tata Sky Astro Duniya‘ in association with Dominiche Productions which will offer curated content from celebrity astrologers making the service a one-stop destination in the world of Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, and more.

Tata Sky Astro Duniya will offer non stop and ad-free access to astrology content for subscribers featuring a wide range of services from Numerology to Horoscope, Tarot reading to Reiki, Vastu to Fengshui, Vedic Astrology to Palmistry, and Face Reading on a single platform.

The likes of Sundeep Kochar, Munisha Khatwani, Biindu Khuraana, Rasesh Shah, Jai Madaan, Jyothi Jhangiani, Greenstone Lobo, Dimple Luniya, and many more will be part of the celebrity expert line-up on the service channel.

“At Tata Sky we have a diverse portfolio of platform services and believe in constantly strengthening them. With Tata Sky Astro Duniya we aim to provide our subscribers with information on various aspects of life and home using astrology, numerology, vastu from credible astrology experts, including personalized consultations. We thank Dominiche Productions for helping us develop this property and are confident that our promotional campaign featuring actor Vinay Pathak will create great buzz for the service.”

Pallavi Puri, Chief Commercial and Content Officer

The service channel allows subscribers to get personalized predictions wherein they can ask a question to an expert anytime between Monday to Friday by emailing their queries. Narendra Bunde will be answering 5 to 10 questions. Subscribers can also get access at no additional cost to Kundali making, Daily Horoscope, and features like ask a genie through Tata Sky Mobile app.

Subscribers can additionally get daily predictions and fortune cookies while famous astrologers on the platform can be contacted easily via call/chat. The service is available on channel number 512 at Rs 2 per day after the first 10 days at zero cost.

Utpal Vaishnav Director Dominiche Productions said, “When me and my co-founding partner Adarsh Gupta started our journey with Dominiche, we had set out a very clear objective for our Company, to dominate scalable genres of the future. Astrology, given its generic appeal in India came up as a great opportunity to go after as a pioneering initiative. We are honoured to join hands with Tata Sky to bring to the audiences a credible Astrology offering that would make for a compelling watch.”

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