Tata Sky to discontinue 36 curated packages from 16th October

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Direct to Home (DTH) operator Tata Sky will be discontinuing 36 curated packages from its platform effective 16th October. Tata Sky has intimated the discontinuation of the curated packages 15 days prior to the scheduled change in line with the TRAI regulations.

Tata Sky to discontinue 36 curated packages from 16th October

According to the annexure, Marathi Hindi Basic HD1, Marathi Hindi Family Kids, Family Kids HD 1, Bengali Hindi Family Kids, Hindi Basic HD, Semi-Annual Hindi Basic, Bengali Hindi Basic 1, Semi-Annual Hindi Basic HD, Semi-Annual Marathi Hindi Basic, Hindi Basic HD 1, Hindi Basic 1, Marathi Hindi Basic 1, Bengali Hindi Basic HD 1, Semi-Annual Gujarat Hindi Basic, Family Kids HD 1 MH, Hindi Basic 1 WB, Semi-Annual Gujarat Hindi Basic HD, Bengali Hindi Family Kids HD 1, Family Kids WB, Hindi Basic HD 1 WB, Family Kids HD 1 WB, Marathi Hindi Basic, Bengali Hindi Basic, Hindi Basic, Family Kids HD, Bengali Hindi Family Kids, Marathi Hindi Basic HD, Marathi Hindi Family Kids HD, Bengali Hindi Family Kids HD, Family Kids, Marathi Hindi Family Kids HD 1, Hindi Basic HD 1 MH, and Semi-Annual Marathi Hindi Basic HD will be discontinued on 16th October.

In place of the above packages Tata Sky has recommended similar nearest fit packages which will be a fined tuned version of the discontinued packages.

For the unaware, Tata Sky earlier rejigged its curated packages catering to Bengali and Marathi markets to push Star India’s regional channels by swapping Star’s Hindi bouquet holdings with Star’s Bengali and Marathi bouquets to push Star’s Marathi and Bengali regional channels. Many of the aforesaid nearest fit packs were brought in around the same time which had the replaced Star channels.

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