Times Network launches #ActNow in association with Nielsen

The special campaign film takes an outside-in-view of the problem and targets the people around to act rather than the one living with mental health issues.

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Times Network has launched #ActNow an initiative to spread awareness, normalize conversations around the issue and sensitize people to be responsive to the mental health needs of others addressing the rampant stigma and discrimination that has considerably compounded the problem during these challenging times.

The special campaign film takes an outside-in-view of the problem and targets the people around to act rather than the one living with mental health issues. The film unravels the state of mind of someone who is besieged by misinterpreted advice of his near and dear ones as he fights a lone battle. The film urges the public at large to remain receptive to the deteriorating mental health of people around and take appropriate course of action to offer support without prejudice and fear.

YouTube video

The initiative launched on a special edition of Mirror NOW’s Urban Debate hosted an expert panel that analyzed and discussed the deteriorating condition of mental illness in India. The initiative encourages essential steps of acknowledging the signs, choosing the right words, and urging people to talk to an expert drawing relevance from Times Network’s nationwide research study commissioned to Nielsen India.

“With the unprecedented disruption caused by the COVID-19, we can see its enormous impact on our lives. The pandemic induced quarantine and social distancing has forced us to isolation and lack of physical contact, reshaping our relationships with our family, friends and colleagues while working from home. The new normal has triggered anxiety and deepened emotional turmoil, consequently leading to a quieter but concerning rise in the number of people grappling with mental health issues. ActNow is our endeavour to spread awareness and drive dialogues to break barriers around the mental health issue. Through our multi-faceted campaign, we urge the society at large to look beyond the happy faces that conceal the sufferings and encourage healthy and judgement-free conversations on mental health.”

Vivek Srivastava, President – Strategy and Business Head – News and English Entertainment Cluster, Times Network

Times Network has onboarded Jaslok Hospital as the Knowledge Partner, Viral Fission to drive community engagement, and The Souled Store as the Cause Partner.

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