Topper TV is now the costliest Pay channel in India followed by Jan TV Plus post NHK World Premium TV license cancellation

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Network18’s subsidiary Greycells18 Media run edutainment channel ‘Topper TV’ is now the costliest Pay channel in the country followed by CSL Infomedia run ‘Jan TV Plus’ following the cancellation of the TV license of Japanese broadcaster ‘NHK World Japan’s premium channel ‘NHK World Premium’ last month.

For the unversed, NHK World Japan’s premium channel NHK World Premium was priced at Rs 1800 when the New Tariff Order (NTO) was introduced back in 2019. The channel was the costliest pay-TV in India among licensed satellite TV channels with NHK World Premium’s rate card declaring the MRP of the channel as Rs 1800 for all digital distribution platforms in India providing the channel to Individuals or Corporate subscribers.

For multiple TVs used by the same individual/corporate subscribers the rate for consecutive TV was Rs 1200 month. The channel remained unavailable on major distribution platform’s given the pricing but was available across India in many Hotels given NHK World Japan declared the pricing for Hotels at Rs 100 per month.

Topper TV with a-la-carte rate of Rs 59.32 per month is the costliest pay TV channel in the country having a satellite TV license. CSL Infomedia’s Jan TV Plus is just behind Topper TV with a-la-carte rate of Rs 50 per month. Both the aforesaid channels are the lone two channels in the country having a declared MRP higher than Rs 19 MRP as of today post NHK World Premium’s TV license cancellation.

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