CNN News-18 launches ‘The Right Perspective’ with Anand Narasimhan

CNN News-18 launches ‘The Right Perspective’ with Anand Narasimhan

The Right Perspective

CNN News-18 has announced the launch of a new offering ‘The Right Perspective’ that aims to further strengthen its weekend programming line-up of the channel brining engaging content and differentiated formats for its viewers.

The new show anchored by CNN News18’s Executive Editor Anand Narasimhan will witness in-depth and riveting conversations on the real issues of real India. The show will aim to provide the viewers with the most extensive reportage on policy and reforms with Anand leading the discussions with clear and insightful information exploring various facets.

‘The Right Perspective’ will drive dialogues and present the right perspective on burning topics like farmers’ protest, Jammu and Kashmir land reform, social and economic progress, etc. The show will air on CNN News18 every Saturday

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