CNN News18 lines up extensive programming for Bihar elections

CNN News18 Logo

CNN News18 has lined up extensive programming as Bihar prepares for the assembly elections amidst the pandemic to give viewers updates in real-time. The channel will delve into all the aspects of the assembly election while covering the campaign.

Zakka Jacob, Anand Narasimhan, Marya Shakil, Shreya Dhoundial, Pallavi Ghosh, Prabhakar Kumar, and Arunima will lead the coverage on the channel who will be supported by a panel of renowned political experts and analysts.

The programming will look to capture ground-level realities and highlight issues which affect the common man. CNN News18 will use augmented and virtual reality technology with the deployment of ‘Magic Wall’ and ELEX-A to capture all relevant data pertaining to the electorate.

With election focused daily shows such as ‘Epicentre Bihar’ seasoned reporters will travel across the breadth of the country to bring forth people’s voices by assessing ground realities, pertinent issues, and voter sentiments.

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