Airtel Universal Remote Setup for Your Television

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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One of the main selling point of Airtel Digital TV DTH is the Universal remote. But, it may not work if not setup properly. The following guide will help you to set it up.

Airtel brings you the magical universal remote so that you can enjoy watching TV with just one remote. While our installation team will set up the remote to work with your brand of TV, the following steps gives you an overview of making the remote learn:

There are 5 basic functions which your new Airtel remote needs to learn about your TV
1. TV Power code
2. TV Mute code
3. AV code
4. TV VOL + code
5. TV VOL - code

Step 1: Bring Airtel digital TV remote in learning mode. Press and hold ‘’OK + Numeric 2” key for 3 seconds. The LED blinks twice to indicate that your Airtel remote is ready to learn.

Step 2 : Hold the source remote and Airtel remote in front of each other ( 3cm-6m apart).

Step 3: Press & release the key (First on Airtel remote and then on Source remote) which needs to be programmed in Airtel remote.
Example: Press and release the TV Power key on both remotes and release. The Airtel remote blinks twice to indicate a successful learning of ‘TV power code’.

Step 4: Now Press & release other keys ( on both remotes simultaneously) : Mute , AV, Vol +/-.

Step 5: Press “OK” on Airtel remote to store the new information about your TV. The LED will blink twice to indicate successful transfer to knowledge from your current TV remote to the new Airtel remote.

If the Airtel remote blinks four times, it means the learning failed. Go to Step 1 again

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22 Mar 2011
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Normally during installation of new connection, this will be done by the Airtel people. But when you change the TV, this process has to be done by you. In some TVs, this will not work. You have to use two remotes.


7 Jan 2012
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The Airtel guy couldn't program it and left saying "yeh purana tv hai saab, isko kaam nahin karega", I tried this and it worked !

Thanks :)


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3 Nov 2010
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rydraj said:
The Airtel guy couldn't program it and left saying "yeh purana tv hai saab, isko kaam nahin karega", I tried this and it worked !

Thanks :)
No any Error Add in Airtel Universal Remote It is Cloning or Copying 5 Key From Tv Remote,:c

r u Viewing " Paper is not Clear Error in Xerox machines" :D
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