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5 Aug 2011
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Can i use my old dish TV dish antenna, sd lnb for catching up satellite tv channel signals other than dish tv network channels?

Is it possible to get other tv channels except dish tv network channels by proper setting or any allignment??

Please reply if anyone have info... :huh :huh
Yes Biswajit Sir you can receive Iraqi IRIB network FTAs TV and Radios (upto 24 channels) from Asiasat3S at 105.5° East and 7-8 Russian FTA channels from ABS1 at 75° East.
Yes Biswajit, These channels are SD MPEG2, so Dishtv SD box will work fine.
But your dishtv stb should have transponder scanning/adding and saving capability.
If the stb software is locked then you will not be able to save or view FTAs.

*(Some older Zenega and Arion dishtv stbs were storing FTA channels before OTA software update that disabled TP Editing.)
I already own a dish tru hd connection and have a hd stb, i think it has all the features... will it work fine too with the new dish set up or do i need to buy a new sd dish tv stb?? I have a spare old dish tv antennae with all fittings and a sd lnb now with me..
Your HD stb will work with the new dish only if the stb software allows Adding/Saving of Transponders other than dishtv tps.

Do not spend on a new Dishtv stb as it will surely be locked, instead get the FTA receivers available for as low as Rs500 for MPEG2 DVB-S to Rs2500 for MPEG4 DVB-S2 HD.

An LNB is never SD or HD. DishTruHD gives Monoblock LNB just to catch 3 different satellites (Insat4B, NSS6 and Asiasat5) separated by some angle.
HD Ready labeled LNBs only have more gain than normal LNBs, so there is nothing like HD LNB.

If you connect your old dish tv lnb to HD stb, it will still work but only for a satellite/co-located satellites at a particular angle.
if i want to invest in a fta reciever, kindly suggest me a brand for it, which will serve me the purpose... i m interested to buy a new fta reciever...
Beston is a great quality branded stb company,i am using beston fta sd recver,get it from ur local dealer. :) it will cost around 500-700...
I want to know the view from vinay also... he is really a satellite expert... :tup
All chines Branded Available @ rs.500 , Indian Branded like Deltron,Tonytone, @ Rs.750 With one year Warranty and above these u can buy solid ,Openbox,Mcbs,Echostar @ Rs.2000-5000.
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