my post last in dream dth


2 May 2011
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@ admin

iam leaving DREAMDTH

BCUASE AM CALLED A SCAMPER HERE:aggressive::cry::eek:ooh no::eek:oops::eek:oops::nospam::smiley-shocked028::wallnalsirmarna:
i will not come dream dth frm tomoorow
bye bye a lovley forum
take care of ur self & forum

bye bye.:eek:ooh no:

this not a joke
no spam brother

just am giving you a advice as a admin not to tell thnx in posts and use thnx button

you are the smallest member in our forum i think and its your staring days buddy

if you don't follow these good advice may be you face problem in future

otherwise ur wish and always remember a good advice always tastes dirty.
that's only advice. plzz do not take seriously. plzz don't leave. keep posting & make forum rockingg !
yes brother its your stating and if you uit from a small thing than you never get success.

Am here to take care of all members so just advising you nothing else.
good to see that no you are acting like a good member:up:

soon i will make you one of the best member if you co-operate me bro:dance3:
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