Breaking New Lock-in policy for a-la-carte and broadcaster bouquets

Niel Kumar

Dish D2H Expert
20 Jan 2019
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Current Policy: Subscriber has unlimited access to add & remove the a-la carte and broadcaster bouquets in a day.

New Policy: To avoid the misuse of opting & removing the a-la carte and broadcaster bouquet multiple times on the same day, d2h incorporating a new lock-in policy of 1 day on the a-la carte & broadcaster bouquets from all the modes.

  • Customer will not be able to change/remove the broadcaster bouquet & a-la carte on the same calendar date of opting the same. Advance request can be taken for the deactivation of Alacarte and Broadcaster Bouquet as per the existing process which is currently followed for the deletion of Add on packs where locking period already exist.
  • This policy is applicable on the addition of any new channel & broadcaster bouquet across all touch points.
  • This is applicable for both paid a-la carte & bouquet.
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