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New to TATASKY family....


25 Sep 2015
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Thank you bro
Please give a review of d2h picture quality and sound quality .compare to tata or airtel
I'm using D2h only SD PQ & AQ is nice,
Especially SD PQ Excellent,
HD is Awesome in All DTH,
I stay 2days in oyo room-(restaurant) I saw Tatasky SD PQ worst quality,
I'm watching d2h from 8years when suddenly I saw Tatasky in room SD PQ worst bro,
2nd incident my friend using Tatasky
He invited me that day also I saw Tatasky & Sun direct SD PQ worst.

If you want more HD & SD channels means then go with Airtel,
if you want more HD channels only means then go with Tatasky,
if you want best SD PQ with few HD channels means then go with d2h (DishTV for north D2h for south)

note_SD channels also important to us,
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