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Tasted sweet and salty

My Grandpa gifted me this remote when I turned 4. He said that I was a mad fan of Tata Sky at that time. Grandpa told me that he took this remote with him otherwise I would break it in pieces in less than 2 days.

This memory completely vanished from my brain and now he sent me these 2 photos and narrated the whole story. Grandpa also said that my gift was being used by him only as he couldn't find the other one.


Dunno about that. I am curious to know if anyone got anything from Zeetos. Many on a different sub says they never recieved anything. But others did. By the time I got to know about this. That service was close to getting discontinued.
I received a season cricket ball from Zeetos, but they deducted 100 points from my Tata Sky subscription. Also do u know how can i play those games like "Monkey Medallion", " Moonbase Mayhem".
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