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19 Jan 2012
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Dear Members,
I happen to see the claim of RD HD Connection as all the 250 Channels are up-scaled to fill the 16:9 LED/LCD Screen. Is it true? I am AirTel HD customer and irritated to watch horizontally stretched, non-proportional SD Channels (I am completely satisfied with all the 14 asli HD channels). If RD's claim is true, i will scrap my AirTel HD STB and switch over to RD HD. Users Pls confirm.
Yes all 250 channels in rdtv are upscaled hd channels. Any guys correct me, if i am wrong.
7 channel are alsi HD and other are Upscaled like hd channel in HD boxes only not HD DVR boxes
yes Reliance hd is very good it has 250 hd upscaled channel .so u feel good tv view . They r going to add more asali hd channel soon .so buy reliance hd .
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