Sakshi to play Sunny Deol's wife


22 Mar 2011
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She was the popular bahu and bhabhi on TV just a few years ago. But after Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii ended, Sakshi Tanwar, like all other TV actors, was forgotten.

That's the nature of the telly business, where there are no stars. It's only the characters who rule and once a serial ends, it's the end of their stardom. Does Sakshi agree with this? And what's she been upto for the past couple of years, apart from her brief stint in Balika Vadhu?

What's happening on the workfront these days?
I have just finished shooting for Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi's film Mohalla Assi where I'm playing Sunny Deol's wife. I am shooting for a short film called Bawra Mann for the film festivals that are coming up. I am also handling the show Sammaan Ek Adhikaar on a national broadcast in the capacity of a Creative Director and have completed two years.

Unlike Bollywood, there are no stars on TV. The moment a serial ends, the actors are forgotten...
I do agree that TV stars cannot have the same shelf life like a Bollywood person, but in my case, Parvati's character was one that has been etched in people's memories. In fact, all the characters of that show are still fondly remembered.

After Kahaani you returned to TV with a negative role in Balika Vadhu. But the track didn't click, ending abruptly...
Teepri's track in Balika Vadhu was always supposed to be for a short while. I was in a contract only for a three month cameo. It was a 360 degree deviation from all the positive characters that I had earlier portrayed in shows like Kahaani and Devi so it took people a while to accept it. I got a lot of compliments for my performance from my fraternity too, who believed I was capable of portraying varied characters.

Do you feel insecure with so many newcomers entering the TV industry?
No, why should I? I was a newcomer too, 10 years back. I've come this far with the support and blessings of my seniors. My fans and I wish the same for all newcomers.

There is a buzz that you will be doing an Ekta Kapoor show?
I started my career there and working with them has always been a pleasure. As for the show, talks are on, so let's see what's in store.
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