Tata Sky seeks a back-up satellite

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3 Nov 2010
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Tata Sky has requested Isro controlled Antrix Corporation for permission to hire a spare satellite from an overseas provider, in the same orbital slot as the Insat 4A satellite it uses to beam signals to subscribers.
The move follows the inability of the DTH firm, which is a three-way joint venture with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, Singapore government controlled Temasek and the $67.4 billion Tata group to get insurance against the risk of satellite failure and attendant loss of profits. If it succeeds in its attempt, the direct to home broadcaster will become the first in the industry in India, to have a back up satellite.
“Satellites fail routinely and this is not an unexpected event. Globally most large DTH firms always have a back up satellite in the orbit to ensure uninterrupted service. We have invested almost Rs 5,000 crore into the business so far and are a sitting duck in case of a satellite failure,” said Harit Nagpal, MD & CEO at Tata Sky.
The firm has requested Government of India controlled Antrix Corporation for permission to hire a foreign satellite at rates approved by Antrix, as Isro does not have spare satellites to deploy for such uses. An e-mail sent to Antrix managing director VS Hegde for a comment did not elicit a response despite repeated reminders.
The failure of transponders on the satellite, which Sun Direct used in July 2010, caused a fair degree of churn and unhappiness amongst its subscribers whose dishes needed to be repointed to the new orbital slot. Tata Sky is keen to avoid inconveniencing its own subscribers in case of any eventuality.
Financial Chronicle had reported this non-availability of satellite capacity in its edition dated July 19, 2011. The back up satellite is part of a disaster recovery plan prepared by the firm.
Tata Sky estimates that a back up satellite would involve lease payments of almost Rs 90 crore a year.

For more: http://m.mydigitalfc.com/news/tata-sky-seeks-back-satellite-898
INSAT 4A was launched on 22 Dec 2005. Its lifespan is 12 yrs.
So still 5 yrs left for TataSky.
But its a good step to have one backup satellite.....
Because some time lifespan can be reduced to half also just in case of insat-4CR (Sat for ADTV):c
no dear mystic insat 4a is facing a issue of misplaced orbit sometimes and also fuel has decreased,tata sky is creating back up plan for if it fails, also if insat 4a does not fail, some extra transponders can b used for new channe;s
Yes Mystic friend namo narayan is right as we all face the problems of some
frequencies in Insat-4A at 83*E, Some frequencies are very low and some are
satisfactory.Till Today I also don't under stand that why on same satellite One freq.
is low and other is high,Have you any IDEA ?? :bad :( :rofl
No such problem for insat-4A.
If you have any such report / link, please post here.

Yes I do agree sometime lifespan reduced if satellite is misplaced.
Yes its better to have backup plan.

dearjolly dont confuse that with diff signal srength on diff tp.thats normal
Tata Sky has asked the ISRO Antrix Corporation to hire foreign control provide an alternate satellite rights, INSAT4A satellite orbital locations in the same beam signal.
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