d2h services affected as TV screens go blank

d2h services affected as TV screens go blank

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Dish TV owned Direct to Home (DTH) operator d2h services have been affected since yesterday with a lot of customers across the country seeing a blank Television screen.

d2h services affected as TV screens go blank

d2h customers on Twitter and our community forum reported the issue. According to d2h customers, d2h set-top box was showing a blank screen with 3 dots on the right-hand side, two green and one blue. Customers couldn’t access any channel except the home channel.

The blank screen showed Error 133-4 with an incomplete message. Twitter and our community forum were flooded with complaints starting yesterday evening.

While is the issue has been faced by d2h customers across the country, the issue is limited to certain set-top boxes only. According to our community forum member Kathir, the complaint is restricted to 2244, 1111U, 2222, 2244rf.6666RF , and 2255IR set-top boxes.

Another community forum member Nagi Reddy shared the process to fix the issue which he got from a d2h distributor. He was able to fix the error through a heavy refresh. d2h customers can do a heavy refresh either through the d2h website, d2h DIA or through the d2h infinity app. The heavy refresh might take 30 to 60 mins to resolve the error and resume services.

d2h is also said to be pushing heavy refresh in bulk on customer accounts to fix the issue as soon as possible. Many d2h users this morning reported the error being fixed on its own. The set-top box must be kept on during the heavy refresh to ensure the problem is rectified at the earliest.

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