Dish TV pays first installment towards arrear to Star India

Dish TV pays first installment towards arrear to Star India

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Dish TV on Thursday submitted to Telecom Disputes Settlement & Appellate Tribunal (TSDAT) that it has paid a sum of Rs. 43.1 Crore as the first instalment towards the outstanding arrears by end of September 2019.

He has conveyed on instructions that the second instalment towards arrears in equal sum of money will be paid by the petitioner by end of October 2019 as per the last order. According to him, the current invoice for the month of July 2019 became payable on 10.09.2019 and the payable amount of approx. Rs. 63.7 Crore has already been paid.

In respect of subscription invoices for the month of August 2019 which is payable by 10.10.2019, there was a shortfall and a delay of a day or two. On instructions, the Counsel has submitted that an amount of Rs. 3 crore is being transferred in favour of the respondent through RTGS. Additionally, a cheque of Rs. 15 Crore has also been handed over to meet the shortfall towards the invoiced amount of August 2019.

The court said that the further liability of third and final instalment towards arrears will arise only by the end of November 2019 but the petitioner has to pay the current invoices as is being done presently.

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