E-Digital and Star India arrive at a settlement

E-Digital and Star India arrive at a settlement

E-infrastructure And Entertainment India run Karnataka based MSO E-Digital has arrived at a settlement with Star India. The dispute between both the parties regarding dues has been amicably settled leading to the disposal of the petition.

E-Digital and Star India arrive at a settlement

TDSAT was yesterday informed of the parties coming at a settlement on 9th June with E-Digital having no more grievance and withdrawing its petition against Star India.

Star India counsel stated the on account of two e-mails received from the MSO at the end of June, Star has no longer any instructions in respect of the prayers that were made earlier through e-mails.

E-Digital had back in January moved TDSAT against Star India for giving a disconnection notice. The notice had claimed dues of Rs 11.5 crores till November 2019 which was challenged by E-Digital which claimed that both parties needed to reconcile accounts since the outstanding amount is only Rs 6.76 crores.

Star had back then noted that earlier disconnection notices had far more larger amount of arrears which wasn’t challenged by E-Digital but had submitted that it was ready for reconciliation of accounts. With the pandemic disrupting regular court proceedings, the case remained unheard between February to June, during which E-Digital and Star India have amicably settled their dispute.

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