Tata Sky launches region specific campaigns in Kerala, Punjab, and West Bengal

Tata Sky launches region specific campaigns in Kerala, Punjab, and West Bengal

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Direct-to-Home (DTH) operator Tata Sky has launched region specific campaigns in Kerala, Punjab and West Bengal to connect with potential campaigns in these regions. The campaign crafted on the central theme of a superior product offering focuses on offerings such as 1 TV + 2 mobile screens, customized packs for specific states, fantastic HD picture quality and 24*7 customer service care.

The 360-degree campaign derives inspiration from inherent local culture and insights of the audiences in each state and was delivered using high reach and impactful mediums across ATL. The campaign also targets the local Tata Sky dealers with customized communications taking a hyper-local approach, three different ad-campaigns created for Kerala, Punjab, and West Bengal imbibing the regional language that resonates with the local consumer in each region. The ad campaigns share a common message of how a Tata Sky connection can add value, not just for an individual but for the entire family.

“We launched these integrated campaigns in 3 states, in each case drawing inspiration from local culture. Content consumption and consumer tastes are quite different in various states of India, and hence advertising needs to go local wherever relevant. The campaigns in Malayalam, Punjabi and Bengali languages were rolled out in the three states, reaching over 23.1 Million households and 73.1 Million people. The ad films showcase the distinctive features such as watching Live TV on mobile phones and specially curated packs. Thereby, keeping up to Tata Sky’s commitment of providing the complete family entertainment solution.”

Anurag Kumar, Chief Communications Officer, Tata Sky

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